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2y3k » What are the etiquette of shaking hands

What are the etiquette of shaking hands

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Although the handshake is just a simple act of holding hands between two people, there is a lot of knowledge behind the handshake.

1. Pay attention to the timing of shaking hands

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In social situations, the order of reaching out when shaking hands is quite remarkable. The general order is to wait for women, elders, married people, and those with high positions to reach out their hands, and then men, juniors, unmarried people, and those with low positions can reach out their hands to echo. If the latter reaches out their hands first, but does not get a good response from the former, the scene will be embarrassing.

2. Show enthusiasm

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When a guest comes to visit, the host should reach out his hand first to express a warm welcome. When leaving, it is only etiquette for the host to reach out and shake his hand after the guest reaches out first, otherwise there is a suspicion of chasing the guest.

3. Pay attention to the order

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In public places, if there are many people who need to shake hands with them, you should pay attention to the order of shaking hands of the same sex first, then the opposite sex, the elders first, then the juniors, the married first, then the unmarried, and the high-ranking first and then the low-ranking. You can also shake hands with them in turn from near and far.

4. Pay attention to the handshake time

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The handshake time should be appropriate, and the length of your mileage may vary. The general principle of handshake time can be flexibly controlled according to the familiarity of both parties. The handshake time should not be too long when you meet for the first time, preferably three seconds.

5. Pay attention to the strength of the handshake

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Shake hands with appropriate strength. You can hold them a little tighter to show enthusiasm, but not too hard. Men should hold women’s hands lightly, not all hands, just their fingers.

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