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2y3k » What is “self-discipline”? It is to do these two things to the extreme

What is “self-discipline”? It is to do these two things to the extreme

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There is such a question on the Internet: “In your impression, which misunderstanding do you remember the most?” The answer with the highest praise was: “I used to think that freedom means doing whatever you want, but later I found out that self-discipline can only have freedom.”

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Every undisciplined behavior will bring more pain to people. To be the master of your own life, you must rely on self-discipline. What is self-discipline? In fact, it is to do these two things to the extreme.

Do things you don’t like but should do

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In us, great inertia and great potential have always coexisted. In the absence of pressure, people tend to become lazy, procrastinate and just get by. With a certain amount of pressure, we start to keep working towards a goal, and the potential will be stimulated.

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So, to be self-disciplined, you might as well do something every day that you don’t want to do but is good for you, so as to sharpen and regulate your mental nature. Over time, you will no longer feel pain for the things that really need you to accomplish, and self-discipline will become a habit.

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The more useful things are, the more uncomfortable it is to do. We must demand something from ourselves and put in more effort than others. Only by grinding again and again can we slowly clear away our bad habits and give full play to our potential talents and wisdom.

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Do more things you don’t like but should do, and you will have unexpected gains.

Don’t do things you like but shouldn’t do

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The ultimate height that a person can achieve often depends on the height of self-requirements. People need a heart to review themselves in order to restrain themselves; those who can restrain themselves can finally achieve themselves.

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In fact, everyone knows the importance of self-discipline, but in reality only some people can do it. Why is that? Because self-discipline means you have to give up something.

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If you want to maintain a perfect body and have a healthy body, you need to say goodbye to junk food, and you must stick to exercise and fitness; if you want to excel in your studies, you can’t always play games in the middle of the night, and you need to spend a lot of time researching and studying. It is the best self-discipline to have high demands on yourself and do it strictly.

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In fact, both self-discipline and non-self-discipline will suffer. The difference is that the bitterness of self-discipline will make life sweeter and sweeter. With the right method, self-discipline can become a living habit and achieve the state of “doing what you want without exceeding the rules”. We encourage each other!

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