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2y3k » Why does gas poison people?

Why does gas poison people?

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Gas plays a very important role in the family life of modern people. In addition to the extremely common gas stoves, many households also have gas water heaters, gas heaters and other gas appliances. Compared with solid fuels such as briquettes and firewood, gas is obviously very convenient. However, gas is a very toxic gas, and people will unknowingly breathe in it and be poisoned or even die. What’s the matter?

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First of all, let’s understand the situation of human breathing and circulation. Hemoglobin in human blood is responsible for the delivery of oxygen in the human body. Hemoglobin combines with inhaled oxygen in the lungs and transports oxygen to various parts of the human body through the blood circulation. However, carbon monoxide in gas can also bind to hemoglobin, and its binding capacity is 200 times greater than oxygen. So once carbon monoxide is inhaled into the human body, hemoglobin will bind to it, and the delivery of oxygen cannot be carried out. Over time, people will suffocate to death due to low oxygen. Experiments have shown that when the carbon monoxide content in the air exceeds 0.1%, people will feel headache and nausea, and they will gradually become unconscious over time. If the rescue is not timely, there is a danger of losing their lives.

First aid for coal gas poisoning

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The patient should be allowed to leave the poisoned environment as soon as possible, transferred to an open and ventilated place outdoors, and immediately open the doors and windows to circulate air. However, it should be noted that before ensuring the air circulation in the poisoned environment, it is forbidden to use equipment that is prone to open flames and electric sparks, such as electric lamps, telephones, mobile phones, televisions, gas stoves, flashlights, candles, etc., to prevent the explosion of carbon monoxide in the event of an open flame if the concentration is too high.

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Loosen the buckle, keep the airway unobstructed, remove oral and nasal secretions, ensure that the patient can breathe spontaneously, and fully inhale oxygen.

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Patients should rest quietly to avoid increasing the center of gravity, lung burden and increased oxygen consumption after activities.

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Delirious poisoned patients must be lifted out of the poisoned environment as soon as possible, check the patient’s breathing, pulse, and blood pressure in the shortest possible time, and carry out emergency treatment according to these situations.

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If the breathing heart stops, artificial respiration and cardiac compressions should be performed immediately.

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After the condition is stable, escort the patient to the hospital for further examination and treatment as soon as possible.

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Gas poisoning incidents often occur in winter, because in winter, many people tend to close their windows tightly due to the cold weather, and in winter, people use a lot of gas appliances, which increases the chance of gas leakage, and gas poisoning accidents are more likely to occur. In addition to pipeline gas, the use of briquettes in the home, etc., is also prone to carbon monoxide poisoning. This is because coal will produce toxic gases when it is not fully burned. When these gases accumulate in the room to a certain concentration, they will also become the main culprit in poisoning incidents.

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