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2y3k » Why do people get thirsty?

Why do people get thirsty?

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On a hot summer day, after sweating profusely, you will always feel thirsty. Only by drinking a breath of cold water can you resume your exercise state and continue to devote yourself to exercise. Why do people feel thirsty? The obvious answer is that we sweat too much during exercise and need to replenish water.

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Water plays an important role in the human body: first, water is the loyal guardian of the human body, for example, we can initialize the dust that flies into the eyes through tears, and discharge unclean food from the body through diarrhea; secondly, water is an indispensable part of the human body. Chemical soldiers, it can hydrolyze various nutrients to facilitate the digestion and absorption of the human body; thirdly, water is an important transporter of the human body, it transports various nutrients to various internal organs and various tissues, and transports metabolic wastes to the excretory organs to exclude the body; in addition, water is the regulator of human body temperature, which transports the human body every day and night The heat generated is transported to the body surface, and it is carried away from the human body through breathing, sweating, excretion, etc., so that the temperature of the human body is always maintained at about 37 ° C. Therefore, human beings cannot live without water for a moment. Once water is lacking, it needs to be replenished immediately. Only in this way can we better maintain the normal operation of various organs of the human body.

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So, how does the human body perceive the lack of water? Scientists have found through research that when the human body loses a lot of water, the blood volume will decrease, and the decrease in blood volume will prompt the kidneys to secrete a chemical called “angiotensin”, which flows into the brain with the blood and is captured by a receptor in the brain, so it sends a “thirst” signal to remind people that it is time to replenish water.

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However, some scientists have proposed that the receptors that can receive “angiotensin” do not all exist in the brain, and other departments of the human body are also involved in the production of thirst. In short, the only point that scientists have reached a consensus is that thirst is caused by lack of blood, but there is no scientific explanation for how it triggers thirst until today.

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If there is no thirst phenomenon, we may miss the opportunity to replenish water in time, which affects the normal operation of the body. So it is not a good phenomenon that people do not know thirst.

Other Causes of Thirst

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One of the functions of hormones is to coordinate the metabolism of water and salt in the human body. Once the balance of this hormone is disrupted, it will cause frequent thirst. Many diabetics have high blood sugar, which will cause their urine output to soar. At this time, despite drinking a lot of water, they still feel unbearably thirsty.

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Some people also get thirsty after a brain injury or neurosurgery. This is due to the lack of so-called “urination-limiting hormones” in the patient’s body.

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People with hyperthyroidism often feel thirsty, and excess hormones often lead to tooth loss, bone pain, rapid tiredness, muscle weakness, and rapid weight loss. Calcium lost from bones can even dye urine white.

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People with kidney disease also often experience symptoms of thirst. This is because the kidneys have lost their ability to retain water and therefore require a lot of water.

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Sometimes after taking medicine, you will feel dry mouth. This is thirst caused by improper use of medicines, because the improper use of some medicines can lead to an imbalance of water and electrolytes in the body. In addition, it is thirst caused by a special drug. If you take antihypertensive drugs, you can cause dry mouth, because some antihypertensive drugs reduce the secretion of oral glands.

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But some people are used to carrying water on their bodies, and it is not a disease that becomes a habit.

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