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2y3k » Why do you get motion sickness or seasickness?

Why do you get motion sickness or seasickness?

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We don’t get dizzy when we walk, but why do we get dizzy when we sit in a car on the same road? The problem is that there is a divide between sight and sensation. In a sporting environment, such as on a ship, you can feel your body jolting up and down with the waves. The organ that senses movement is in the ear, because as the fluid in the inner ear moves with the hull of the boat, it transmits information about the movement to the brain. This is the correct information.

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But to your eyes, nothing changes. So, your eyes tell your brain that you are not moving. The brain receives two messages at the same time, and the content of the two messages is completely opposite. Which to believe? Ears or eyes? At this time, the body starts to produce a lot of stress hormones, such as adrenaline; the brain also goes into a state of tension, prompting sweat production. The stomach muscles thus get more bioelectrical signals, and the peristalsis is more powerful and frequent. Then there is vomiting.

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To reduce the chance of motion sickness or seasickness, experts give the following suggestions:

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Don’t take a car or boat on an empty stomach, it can make nausea worse. It’s best to eat something before you set off.

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When the car is moving, try to look out of the car, so that your eyes and ears will know that your body is moving at the same time. Don’t read a book in the car or pay attention to the objects in the car. When you get in the car, it is best to take a seat in the front row of the car, because the seats in the front row can see both the road directly ahead and the road on both sides. Similarly, if you are sailing at sea, you will be more comfortable on the deck than in the cabin. After a few days, the symptoms of seasickness will disappear. Because the brain finds that your body is indeed moving. The process of astronauts adapting to the environment of spaceships is the same.

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You can take some anti-motion sickness drugs, but these drugs can make people drowsy, and the drugs themselves can also make people feel dizzy. You can also wear “anti-seasickness bracers,” which are plastic bandages worn on the wrist. There is a massager on the side close to the wrist to massage special acupoints on the wrist. According to the theory of acupuncture, massaging certain special acupoints can reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. This method can also reduce the discomfort of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy.

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