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2y3k » Why do people feel pain?

Why do people feel pain?

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Many people are resistant to injections, because injections can make people feel very painful; accidentally hitting a joint during exercise can also make people feel unbearable pain; when they suffer from a serious cold, they have a splitting headache. People are afraid of pain, and no one regards suffering from pain as a happy thing, but pain goes hand in hand and always accompanies people. Many people hate it deeply, hoping that one day scientists can free mankind from its clutches.

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In fact, pain is not a bad thing, it is a defense measure for the human body to protect itself. If there is no pain, how can we judge the degree of damage to the body from various external stimuli? For example, when your hand is close to the flame, you will feel a strong burning pain, and you will immediately withdraw your hand to avoid more serious damage to your hand. If there is no pain, you may not immediately notice that your hand is roasting on the hot flame, maybe when you find it, the whole palm is already roasted! In addition, pain is an alarm system for pathological symptoms inside the body. For example, a toothache may indicate a problem with the tooth; a stomachache may be due to an abnormality in your stomach; a sore throat may tell people that you have a cold or an inflamed throat. Receiving these warnings, people should go to the hospital immediately to avoid missing the best time for treatment. If there is no pain, it will be troublesome.

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Therefore, pain is of great significance to the human body, and it is an indispensable and protective physiological response of the human body. So how does pain feel generated and transmitted in our body? It is generally believed that pain receptors are nerve endings all over every inch of skin in the body. Once any external stimulus touches your body, it will prompt pain receptors to release a pain factor. This pain factor is first transmitted to the spinal cord. After simple integration, separate activities are immediately carried out. On the one hand, you will immediately take simple defensive measures, such as you quickly retract your hand from the flame; on the other hand, it will continue to be transmitted along the spinal cord to the brain. After the brain receives this pain information, it will make you make some complex judgments and reactions. For example, you will immediately determine whether you have been burned or stabbed, and then make some Emotional reactions, such as you may get angry, etc.

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Pain can sometimes prevent further damage to the body. But sometimes the injury has been carefully dealt with, but it still tortures us endlessly. At this time, it is necessary to relieve the pain appropriately. For example, the doctor may also prescribe pain relievers to help you fight the pain. In short, for continuous pain, it is necessary to use the power of science to avoid or reduce it, but it is better not to give up on pain.

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