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2y3k » Why do people living in different regions look different?

Why do people living in different regions look different?

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No two people in the world look alike, and even twins are slightly different. Of course, people living in different regions have their own features. In the United States, for example, people with ancestors from China and ancestors from Africa often look very different. Scientists speculate that this difference in appearance between ethnic groups comes from the survival needs of their ancestors in different climates.

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Whether Africans, Europeans, or Asians, the shape of their eyeballs is roughly the same. But most Asians have a skin fold around the corners of their eyes called the medial canthus. Also, Asians have higher levels of fat in the skin of their eyelids than most Europeans and Africans. Both medial canthus and thick eyelids mean that a larger area of the surface of the eyeball is wrapped in skin.

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In addition, combined with the facial features of high cheekbones and low nose bridge, these features are beneficial to human survival in cold environments, because a flat nose increases the area of skin through which cold air passes, which not only helps increase air temperature, but also more effectively filters airborne dust. Indigenous peoples living in the coldest regions of Asia, including northern Chinese, Mongolians and Siberians, have the thickest endocarpal skin and the flattest nose.

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Many Indians who lived in the American rainforest also had facial features of epicanthus and high cheekbones. Scientists believe this is because they also first came from cold regions. Thousands of years ago, due to the ice on the surface of parts of the Bering Strait at that time, Asians could cross the Bering Strait on foot, eventually reaching Alaska.

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After landing on the North American continent, the human footprint gradually expanded southward, eventually reaching the southernmost point of South America. Some peoples from Asia settled on the Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific, which is truly tropical. This is why we can see people in the Americas today with the facial features of Alaskan Eskimos, Peruvian Indians and Fijians.

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