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2y3k » Why are bruises on the body greenish-black?

Why are bruises on the body greenish-black?

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The bruises on the eyes and other areas of the body are blue-black because of the combination of the rupture of the capillaries under the skin, the blood flowing out and pooling under the skin, and the products of the decomposition of the heme in the blood.

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In the case of dark circles on the eyes, the bruises are in fact not black at all, but dark purple and cyan. The color of the bruise is magnified by the loose, translucent skin around the eyes, giving the false impression that the color of the bruise around the eyes is much darker than the rest of the body.

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Hemoglobin is the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen, and the color change in bruising is caused by a series of chemical products from the breakdown of hemoglobin. Both the lime green bilirubin substance and the yellow-brown bilirubin play a more critical role in this.

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Staying up late, smoking and drinking alcohol or doing things that strain the eyes or affect blood circulation can lead to dark circles under the eyes.

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24 hours after the occurrence of bruising, you can use warm water to apply hot compresses to the affected area. To promote local blood circulation, promote the dissipation of bruises. Generally the subcutaneous bruises will be absorbed slowly by the body, which takes about two weeks.

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If the bruise occurred by collision, it is not relevant if it is clear where the bruise appeared only after touching, it is caused by trauma. For unexplained bruising, it is okay if it occurs occasionally, but it should be observed. If it is often the case, it is recommended to have a routine blood test.

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It is difficult to predict exactly when the hemoglobin will break down and when the various pigments will mix with each other, but initially, bruises are basically dark blue, purplish red or deep red, and then gradually turn purple, green, dark yellow, light yellow and eventually disappear. In one study, pathologists concluded that the yellow bruises could only be judged as bruises that had been inflicted 18 hours earlier.

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