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2y3k » Why do people lose their hair every day?

Why do people lose their hair every day?

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Every morning when we wake up we see a lot of hair fall on our pillow, and when we wash our hair, we also see a lot of hair fall out. People can’t help but ask, “At this rate, will our hair fall out in a few days?” In fact, it is not necessary to worry about this at all.

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Because the existence of each hair is limited, usually replaced once in 2 to 6 years. Long hair is the normal replacement of the hair, it fell out, can be in the same place to grow new hair. Short hair is hair that falls out before the replacement date, which may be due to temporary adverse effects on the hair papillae underneath. If these unfavorable factors can be eliminated, it will soon become normal. In normal hair loss, the hair root gradually keratinizes and spreads down to the hair papilla, the hair detaches from the hair papilla, and the hair falls out from the scalp, but a new hair grows in the same place. After repeating this cycle, the hair usually falls out but the total amount of hair does not change much.

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Is it true that the number of hair remains the same no matter what the situation is and it still grows out after shedding? No. If the skin tissue of the head is damaged by trauma, burns, sores, etc., and scarring is produced, then new hair will not grow back in the future.

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Hair grows in cycles, generally speaking, the human hair growth cycle is 3-6 months, which means that if your hair is growing too fast, there may be a physical problem.

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If you notice that your hair is starting to thin out or even appearing to lose hair, then be aware that this may be your body’s way of reminding you that it’s time to replenish your nutrition. Because hair growth requires adequate nutrition, if the nutrition is insufficient, it will lead to stunted hair growth and eventually lead to hair loss. So you must pay attention to your diet and eat more protein-rich foods, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, etc. These foods not only replenish the body’s nutritional needs, but also promote the growth of hair. In addition, you should also ensure sufficient sleep, because staying up late can lead to endocrine disorders.

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