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2y3k » Why are Africans good at running?

Why are Africans good at running?

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For a long time, athletes from African countries have maintained world excellence in events such as the marathon, and in fact, black athletes have good results in events related to running. People are surprised to find that the best runners in middle and long-distance running events are mostly found in the eastern part of Africa, while more of the world’s top sprinters were born in West Africa. The talent of Africans good at running has been recognized by the world.

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A foreign research institute, a comparative study of the physiological structure of African Kenyans and Europeans, found that Kenyans have a slower accumulation of lactate in the blood, lactate is produced in the case of muscle fatigue and low oxygen in the body, this feature of Kenyans, so that they can maintain 10% more than Europeans running distance. This can be said figuratively, Kenyans are more efficient in the use of “fuel”. Why is this the case?

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Scientists have found that the farther away from the heart of the body, the more energy is needed to move. For example, when you lie on the ground, move your hands apparently to move your feet more easily than some, it is because the hands are closer to your heart. The Kenyan legs are like long, thin bamboo poles, light and flexible. Their legs are on average 400 grams lighter than the legs of Europeans, so their legs move quickly to save 8% of energy than Europeans.

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In addition, scientists have found that Kenyans have an enzyme in their bodies that is higher than people in other regions. This enzyme not only reduces the formation of lactate, but also strengthens the body’s ability to oxidize fatty acids, so that muscles can get more adequate energy replenishment.

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Of course, these objective reasons may be able to provide some help to Africans, but it is undeniable that hard training is the most fundamental reason for their impressive results.

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