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2y3k » Why do people get sick?

Why do people get sick?

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We have all had experiences with sickness that are not worth recalling, and sometimes we even find them downright unpleasant to look back on. Think about it, when you are sick, you can’t even take care of yourself, you can’t go to class of course, and you might even ask your mom to take time off to stay home with you. You don’t feel well, but you also have to take medicine that doesn’t taste very good, and if it’s serious, you may go to the hospital and get an injection. So, in general, no one wants to be sick. But the nasty disease does not know how to avoid because you are tired of it, it will always come suddenly when you are not aware of it, so that you have to fight with it again. Many people pray silently that the disease will never come to them, but will this wish come true? Can a person not get sick?

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The human body is like a machine, there are always parts that wear out in the process of operation, and so is the human body, so illness is inevitable. Specifically, people can’t avoid getting sick for the following reasons: First, the diet is not properly structured. Nowadays, our living conditions are getting better day by day, most of the staple food is refined rice, refined noodles, dishes are mostly chicken, fish, meat and eggs containing a lot of residual growth hormones, such food is easy to eat rich diseases, such as hypertension, fatty liver, etc.. Moreover, most gluttonous children like to eat shrimp sticks, potato chips, jelly, ice cream and other convenience foods and frozen foods containing additives, flavors and colors, which can also affect health when eaten in excess. Secondly, the modern society is becoming more and more environmental pollution, water pollution, air pollution, pesticide and chemical fertilizer pollution is always threatening our health, which is impossible to prevent. Finally, life encountered some of the nervous or unhappy things, our emotions produce dramatic changes, the body will also secrete a hormone called steroids, making the body’s immunity is reduced. Some people can get sick or even have a life-threatening condition once they get angry. In addition to these reasons, there are drug abuse, micronutrient supplementation is not reasonable and other reasons can also make people sick.

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Because of these reasons, it is impossible to avoid the occurrence of disease, but through our own efforts, as little as possible to almost no sickness or can be achieved. To achieve this, in addition to paying attention to their dietary hygiene, the most important thing is to increase their own immunity. The body’s immune system has 3 main functions: resistance, removal and repair. When germs invade the body, the immune system will mobilize immune cells to fight with it and eventually destroy the enemy; immune cells can also remove waste from the body and help repair damaged cells. Therefore, if the body’s immune system is weak, it is easy to get sick, if the body lacks an immune system, then a grain of dust can kill people! Doctors have found that 99% of human diseases are related to the immune system, which means that as long as our immune system is in good condition and working properly, we are less likely to get sick.

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