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2y3k » Why do people want to grow up?

Why do people want to grow up?

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Some people expect to grow up quickly so that they can do many things they want to do without the help of others. But growing up means getting older, and it’s always a shiver to imagine yourself with a wrinkled face. So there are even more people who don’t want to grow up, always willing to stay in childhood, under the care of mom and dad and teachers, always live a simple and happy life.

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If you really stop growing up, you may find that life is far from as good as you thought. The little ones around you are all grown up and can easily do things that are beyond your reach. Of course, you may not envy those former partners, because there are always new friends to your side, but forever the same age, you may constantly repeat the same games, perhaps at the beginning you will also play with pleasure, but over time you will inevitably feel bored. What’s worse, you’ll find that your mom and dad are getting older, their bodies are weakening, and they have more than enough energy for many things, and you, who never grow up, can’t help them. At that time, you may regret your choice, you will expect yourself to grow up like normal people. But thankfully, this phenomenon will never happen, from ancient times to the present day in real life there is no one who can stay young forever. As time passes, we keep growing up, it is the law of nature.

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The human life can be divided into six stages: infancy, early childhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, in which human growth and development are sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Generally speaking, human growth and development has two peaks, the first peak occurs before the age of 5 years, during which the annual growth rate is the largest, and then the annual growth rate begins to decline; the second peak, girls generally appear in the age of 11 to 15 years, while boys appear in the age of 12 to 17 years, after which growth will tend to stop. Between the first peak and the second peak, 6 to 11 years old is the period of slow growth, during which the human body is not yet mature except for a few systems such as the nervous system and the lymphatic system. During the growth and development of the human body, the body is constantly supplying nutrients from the outside world to the various tissues of the body to support its growth. During this period, a person’s height, weight, chest circumference and lung capacity will gradually become larger, and there is a certain basic limit, if anyone exceeds this limit, it is necessary to go to the hospital to diagnose whether they are suffering from a certain disease.

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Understanding the truth of growth and development, we should realize the preciousness and irreversibility of life while looking forward to the future. Live each day now carefully and leave no regrets for the future, then our life will always be exciting and colorful.

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