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2y3k » Why do I get wrinkles on my face?

Why do I get wrinkles on my face?

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The wrinkles on our faces are related to the earth beneath our feet. Wherever you stay – at school, at the office, or on top of a mountain – your body is constantly subject to gravity, which acts on your face and pulls the skin downward. If you stay outside, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will pass through the epidermis and in turn damage the deeper skin structures. Therefore, sun protection must be done, especially in summer, remember to apply sunscreen when you go out. In addition, if you do not like to wear a hat, you can also choose a sun hat.

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In addition, every time you smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows, you will make your skin wrinkle. Day by day, the marks of folding stitches are permanently left on your face, becoming a reminder of the joy and sorrow of long years.

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Some people are not prone to wrinkles because of genetic factors: if your parents or grandparents did not have many wrinkles on their faces, then you are also likely not to grow a full face of wrinkles, and if you are naturally dark-skinned, you are also less likely to grow wrinkles. This is because the melanin in your skin reduces the damage to your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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For us, reducing the sun’s damage to our skin becomes the main way to fight wrinkles. UV rays can damage the dermis – the deeper tissue beneath the epidermis. In the dermis, a protein structure called collagen fibers supports the skin, and UV exposure causes the collagen fibers to clump together, weakening the skin’s elasticity. Moreover, the rays thin the skin. We know that a sheet of paper is easier to fold than a pile of paper. By the same token, the thinner the skin, the more likely it is to develop wrinkles.

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Because facial skin is folded every time you make a facial expression, it is more likely to leave wrinkles on sun-damaged skin. UV protection is simple: don’t sunbathe, don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight for long periods of time, and sunscreen or a sunshade can prevent rays from passing through your skin and damaging your dermis.

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Smoking can accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Scientists once compared the skin of smokers with that of nonsmokers and found that smokers developed wrinkles much earlier than those who did not smoke, and the more they smoked, the more wrinkles there were on their faces and the deeper they became. Smokers were five times more likely to have a face full of wrinkles than nonsmokers.

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Scientists have found that the toxic substances in tobacco destroy collagen in the skin and also get into the tissues of the eyes, causing crow’s feet – tiny wrinkles that spread out from the corners of the eyes to the sides. Smoking also makes the outline of the lips blurred.

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