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2y3k » Why can’t people come back to life after they die?

Why can’t people come back to life after they die?

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It is the law of nature that life will eventually come to death, and even human beings are not immune to it. Most people can face death with openness, while sentimental people can’t help but feel sad every time they think about it. How wonderful it is that people can be resurrected from the dead, which has been the dream of countless people for thousands of years. Nowadays, with the rapid development of science, the beautiful wish of bringing people back to life from the dead has the possibility of becoming a reality.

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Many deaths are due to the backwardness of medical technology. For example, many diseases that were incurable in our old society now seem as easy to treat as colds and fevers. Similarly, cancer, which is still untreatable, may be able to find a solution in the future. So, people thought, could a patient suffering from cancer be frozen first by freezing, and then when the medical level is advanced enough to cure his disease, he could be thawed and revived for treatment? This is what is known as the idea of human cryopreservation. Does this method really work?

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As early as 1773, the American scientist Benjamin Franklin considered the use of refrigeration to freeze the human body until a certain time and then thaw it to bring it back to life again. 1964 saw the birth of a discipline that specializes in freezing human tissue before it decays – human cryonics. Many scientists around the world began working tirelessly to realize Franklin’s wish. The United States has now established the world’s largest human cryopreservation facility as well as a storage center, and hundreds of people have been cryopreserved.

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Today, scientists are not yet able to ensure that every frozen body can be successfully revived. One of the key factors that determines whether a frozen “dead” person can be revived is how the outdoor temperature freezes the brain. If the brain temperature can be lowered quickly, then the brain will stop functioning before the heart stops beating and will not be damaged by the cold. In this case, as long as the body can return to normal levels, the brain will have the possibility of waking up; another important factor is the physical condition of the person being frozen, scientists have found that even if two people are frozen in exactly the same situation, they may not both be resurrected at the same time. Why this happens, scientists have not been able to explain.

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At present, more than a hundred frozen bodies in the United States are looking forward to the continuous progress of science and will be able to bring them back to life one day. Now it seems that this wish should not be difficult to achieve, because cloning technology can ensure sufficient sources of organs for the human body, and stem cell technology can more easily create new organs, and cultivate new hearts, livers, kidneys, nerves, limbs, bones, hair, etc., not only healthy but also without rejection. Therefore, perhaps in the near future, the wish of human beings coming back from the dead will be realized.

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