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2y3k » Intellectually superior. Physical exercise for your brain

Intellectually superior. Physical exercise for your brain

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As you probably already know, your brain works in a complex way. The left part of your brain controls the actions and movements of the right part of your body, while the right part of your brain controls the movements of the left part of your body. Therefore, it is possible that the side of your brain that controls your dominant hand is used more than the other side. So, if you use your non-dominant hand for some of your daily activities, would that make your brain perform better?

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If you are a right-handed person, then most of the time you are stimulating the left part of your brain. Now, if you do certain tasks with your left hand, then you are able to stimulate the right side of your brain as well. By doing this, you are awakening the intuitive and creative part of your mental faculties. On the other hand, if you are a left-handed person and you do simple tasks with your right hand, then you are stimulating the rational and organized side of your brain.

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This idea is supported by Tony Buzan, the author of a book called Using Both Sides of the Brain. According to him, doing simple exercises or cross-training like this will give extra function to one’s mental functions, while at the same time, one’s brain power will have an overall increase. By doing this constantly, a person can stay mentally young and fresh.

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Other activities that can stimulate the other side of your brain can be done without really straining yourself. You can simply walk around the room with your eyes closed, or you can put on your clothes and take them off with your eyes closed. You can also relive your childhood games; the game where you rub your stomach with one hand while the other hand slaps your head is also a great brain workout. Simple tasks like these already constitute a physical exercise for your brain, and they can already give your brain good results, no matter how insignificant they are.

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As a result, you may begin to wonder about the mental state of people who are blessed with the ability to use both hands for complex tasks, such as writing, or, simply put, right and left handedness. You might think that because they stimulate both sides of the brain, they are smarter than others. This is a misconception; there is no study or research to prove this idea.

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Some people are able to teach and train themselves to use their dominant and non-dominant hand to accomplish tasks, and also to play sports like cricketers. But their training doesn’t necessarily turn them into academic geniuses; so, perhaps, it’s just asking too much.

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So, whether or not these simple exercises might make you a little smarter, these physical exercises are still considered to have a good effect on your brain. Academically, the results may be only slight or even unnoticed, but there may be other aspects that are affected, such as your creativity, organizational skills and other functions. A point worth noting is that by doing these exercises, you are stimulating parts of your brain that are not used as often as other parts. Don’t you think it’s always best to keep them in balance? If you want your brain to perform better, you might want to try stimulating your whole brain, not just a single part.

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