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2y3k » If your outlook is better, your brain performs better

If your outlook is better, your brain performs better

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How good are you at psyching yourself up? If you ask yourself if you’re smart, do you answer with a nod and a smile, or do you say “maybe” in shame? In answering this question, you should know that there are many things to consider, and your IQ score is only one of them. The reality is that if you think better of yourself, your brain will behave better.

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Your views and opinions on things like this will definitely affect how your brain performs. If you truly believe that you are good enough, then your brain may start to perform at par with your expectations. Some people may say that basic intelligence never changes after your childhood stage, but there are still those who believe that psychology has an impact in this regard.

The impact of psychology on brain function

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You may have heard the story of the main character who never even set foot in high school, yet managed to go from rags to riches. He just used his guts and determination as he climbed to the top. His childhood probably taught him that he could be as rich as his friends if he would only work hard enough. Because of this, he followed what he knew because he knew he could be rich too and he did work hard for it. His view was that if others could do it, he could do it too.

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He never got any money from his rich friends, nor did he get any help in the process of his work. But what he did get from his friend was what he expected. If he had never met his rich friends, if he had never known it was possible to be rich, he would not have worked hard to get to where he is now. When he met them, he had a goal, and all he had to do was work hard to reach it – and so he did.

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See, expectations of yourself can play a big role in your life. It can serve as your motivation. It makes you feel like you are doing something that is possible, something that you can achieve if you work hard enough. That’s the impact of psychology. Don’t you think that if you think you can think harder and learn faster, your brain has the potential to do the same for you?

Learning by experience and evidence

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After you’ve seen yourself in a better light, it’s time for you to pay more attention to the things around you that can serve as evidence that you’re on the verge of reaching your goals. After you’ve done all the affirmations, you need hard evidence. Pay attention to your progress, whether they are too small or too big. Focus on those advances. You will soon realize that the more you appreciate your small developments, the more developments will soon follow.

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So, in terms of applying to your brain development, your brain will soon perform better if you think hard enough that you can improve your brain performance. The improvements may not be as dramatic as you expect, but there will certainly be some changes. Pay attention to these changes, and soon you will realize that the cumulative effect of these small changes will amount to a big change in your brain function. Think better of yourself and your brain will soon live up to your expectations.

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