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2y3k » Improve your brain performance. Stop the IQ deficit

Improve your brain performance. Stop the IQ deficit

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You may have experienced firsthand, or just heard from others, the mental boost they get from smoking. Perhaps, in the short term, this boost may be true, however, in the long run, the effects of tobacco consumption may be more dangerous to your brain than you might expect. If you want to improve the health of your brain, you have to worry about what will affect your IQ.

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An addiction research center conducted a study on the long-term effects of alcohol on the brain function of alcoholics. As expected, alcohol was found to be associated with mental problems and lower IQ scores. And as a complement to their findings, they also found that long-term smoking had an effect on decreased brain power as well.

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The results showed that alcohol had a more severe effect on the thinking skills of alcoholic men who had been smoking for a significant period of time. It adversely affected these men’s memory, problem-solving skills, and even IQ.

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In these alcoholic subjects, smoking has been seen to be associated with decreased mental functioning. However, although the causal relationship between smoking and mental decline has not been clearly established, there are still some instances where cigarettes are responsible for this effect. More research is needed to prove this.

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In addition to these bad habits, there are other things that can cause your brain power to decline.

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Other short-term causes of low thinking skills

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According to some more research, foods that include artificial food colors and sweeteners may be harmful to the brain, especially when consumed in large amounts. Often, children are more negatively affected by these artificial flavors and colorings. Examples of such foods are colas, white bread and hydrogenated oils.

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Hydrogenated oils can lead to clogged arteries, which may lead to heart disease. Due to the blockage, it will be more difficult for blood to flow to the brain. Artificially sweetened foods are also unhealthy because they can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels. These fluctuations can lead to short-term brain fog and even diabetes. Therefore, it is wiser for you to stay away from excessive sugar products.

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In addition to these foods, other intangible things are also thought to cause brain fog. Personal issues such as egoism may be a factor. Due to egoism, a person may limit his thoughts to one point of view, which is his own. Due to egoism, he is satisfied with only his original ideas, and he thinks that since his own ideas are more important than others’, there is no need to look at others’ ideas.

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As you may have noticed, the effects of poor eating habits as well as personal problems may only be temporary. Therefore, if you stop eating all that junk food and start eating healthy; and likewise stop being so self-centered, then your brain function may return to normal performance. Fortunately, the effects of these factors on brain efficiency are temporary; unlike alcoholism and smoking, their effects do affect IQ.

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However, even though the effects are permanent, the fact remains that you should take care of your brain. You should keep it healthy by doing things that are good for your mental health. Whether your brain’s efficiency is affected temporarily or permanently, the fact remains that it still suffers for a certain period of time. You should be more aware that your brain performance should always be at its best.

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