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2y3k » Precautions to be taken when combing hair

Precautions to be taken when combing hair

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Grooming hair is a routine activity for almost all people. Some people maintain a specific hairstyle throughout their lives, while others, especially the younger generation, adopt new styles based on new trends and fashions. In order to have healthy scalp hair, proper nutrition is needed and general health is directly related to the quality and quantity of hair.

  • 1) There are different varieties of combs available in the market and the best comb to choose takes into account the nature of the hair (hard or soft, long or short), style and convenience.
  • 2) Combing should be done with extreme care and concentration. Some people, especially men, groom without care considering some other issues, which may be harmful to the hair.
  • 3) Combing should be done gently, hard combing will increase hair loss.
  • 4) If the hair is wet, do not comb it. Towel dry first, then apply some oil and massage gently, now combing will be easy and will not cause damage.
  • 5) Do not comb in the opposite direction of the hair, this will increase the hair loss.
  • 6) Vigorous backward combing will produce traction baldness.
  • 7) Frequent combing can damage the scalp and hair follicles. Those who carry a pocket comb use it regularly and make it a habit. Combing two to three times a day is enough.
  • 8) The teeth of the comb should not be sharp and should not be pressed too tightly on the scalp.
  • 9) The comb should always be cleaned before and after use, as hair and dirt deposited in the crevices can make it inconvenient and painful to comb.
  • 10) You should not use another person’s comb, this helps prevent fungal and bacterial infections and head lice can be spread from one person to another by sharing combs.
  • 11) Combing tangled hair can be difficult and painful. Therefore, use some shampoo for cleaning and apply oil after drying to free the hair and make it easy to comb.

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