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HOMOEOPATHY – Introduction

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Homeopathy is a system of medicine introduced by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. He was basically an allopathic doctor who left the profession because of the side effects and temporary relief of symptoms of allopathy. It was written that cinchona could treat malaria and also produce malaria-like symptoms in healthy people. This point ignited Hahnemann’s brain, and he prepared an extract of cinchona bark and took it himself.

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Through this experiment, Hahnemann realized that any drug that could produce a range of symptoms in a healthy person could be used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Hahnemann prepared a number of other drugs using alcohol as a carrier and began experimenting on people of different ages, noting the symptoms they produced. He proved nearly 30 drugs and systematically noted the symptoms produced.

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Hahnemann noticed that by diluting the ingredients of the crude drug in the mind, a drive was created and was responsible for producing symptoms in healthy people. Hahnemann began to treat some patients with the drugs he had prepared and applied the principle of similia similibus curantur, which got good results and homoeopathy began to spread all over the world.

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After he gave the medicine to some patients, he found that the symptoms reappeared. Therefore, he understood the reason why the disease should be treated. After experiments and observations, he learned that diseases were actually caused by some dynamic forces, which he named miasms. [He noticed that in order to completely cure a person, similar dynamics had to be used to eliminate these miasms. This idea led to the emergence of anti- miasmatic drugs that had disease-producing powers similar to those of miasms.

The development of homeopathy

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The principles of homeopathy were written into a book, which he titled The Organic Law of Medicine. Later, he began publishing these works, and six editions of The Law of Medical Organizations were published. Doctors like Dr. J. T. Kent, Dr. Herring, Dr. Bononhausen and others followed Dr. Hahnemann’s mission and developed this system, and they all began to prepare a number of other medicines according to Hahnemann’s guidelines. The physicians realized that by systematically diluting the drug substance into the spirit, the potency of the drug would increase even if the amount of the drug was reduced. Since the disease is caused by dynamic causes, the drug should also be dynamic.

General principles

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Homeopathy treats the diseased individual as a whole, rather than treating the diseased part or organ. A person’s physical, mental, emotional and social spheres are all taken into account to achieve permanent healing. This system believes that disease is caused by a disorder of the life force, which is an invisible force in each individual. When the vital force is affected, it manifests externally in the form of symptoms and signs. The imbalance in body functions provides a refuge for foreign organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc.) and allows them to proliferate and produce so-called diseases. Homoeopathy believes that true disease precedes bacteria and viruses, and therefore the underlying cause of disease must be treated for permanent healing.

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Diseases are produced by harmful pathogens called miasms, which are dynamic influences on vitality. there are three main types of miasms: PSORA, SYPHILIS and SYCOSIS. these three causes are accepted by other schools of medicine, but under different names. psora causes functional disorders, syphilis causes structural and destructive changes, and sycosis causes overgrowth changes. These three miasms can produce different disease conditions individually or in combination.

Preparation of medicines in homeopathy

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In homeopathy, drugs are prepared from different sources such as minerals, plants, animals, toxins, lesion sites, etc. Here, soluble substances are obtained by diluting (mixing downward with alcohol) alcohol and insoluble substances are obtained by grinding (triple steaming) sugar from milk. From this mixture is extracted what is called the mother tincture (denoted as Q). From this mother tincture a dilution is prepared by potentiation. This process has different scales depending on the amount of drug and the ratio of the carrier (alcohol or milk sugar). Each scale has a different potency, indicating the power of the drug. In the percentage scale, the ratio is 1/100 and the available potency is 30c,200c, etc. In the LM potency, the ratio is 1/50,000 and the available potency is 0/1,0/2,0/3, etc. The potency is written after the name of each medicine.

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The same drug has different potencies. The selection of the appropriate potency is based on many factors such as the severity and depth of the disease, the condition of the patient, the nature of the disease, the type of symptoms, the age of the patient, etc.

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Research topics in homeopathy:-

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History of medicine

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History and development of homeopathy

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Pioneers of homeopathy

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Medical theories

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Philosophy of homeopathy

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The Materia Medica

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Homeopathic pharmacology and pharmacology

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Collection of homeopathic prescriptions

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Homeopathic Case Studies

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Homoeopathic therapeutics

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General Medicine Subjects.

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(Anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, parasitology, toxicology, forensic medicine, social and preventive medicine, surgery, quinturology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, dentistry, orthopedics, surgery, general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry, etc.)

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Homeopathic cases and prescriptions.

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Homoeopathic treatment is fast, gentle and long lasting if the correct remedy and the proper dosage are given… In order to make a correct diagnosis, we should have the symptomatology of the patient, including general mental symptoms, general physical symptoms, and specific symptoms.

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Knowledge about past illnesses, family history of illnesses, food and intestinal habits, apparent causes, relation to climate change, and constitution should be recorded in a systematic order.

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Mental symptoms.

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Examples include: fear, anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, and disgust …..

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Physical symptoms.

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To name a few. Body composition, appetite, thirst, cravings, aversions, bowel movements, urination, sleep, taste, nature of odors, any unusual sensations such as pain, burning, climate change, heat relations, etc.

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Special unusual symptoms.

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This is a characteristic of the Tongji Medical System. For choosing the appropriate remedy, these symptoms are very important. This is the reason why different medicines are given to different people suffering from the same disease. For example, five people suffering from typhoid fever may be given five different remedies because of the variation of their individual symptoms.

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Specific/Localized Signs and Symptoms.

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This includes signs and symptoms related to body parts and organs.

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For example. Affected areas, any swelling, discoloration, etc.

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Systemic examination:-

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Examine the different systems in systemic order. (respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system and ct….) . Vital signs

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Pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate etc. are checked here.

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General physical examination.

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All parts of the body are examined here, from head to toe, to find any changes.

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Provisional disease diagnosis; possible diseases are diagnosed here. In homeopathy, disease diagnosis is not so important for the selection of remedies, but is necessary for general management and for understanding the prognosis.

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Investigation: This includes laboratory investigations and other methods to detect any other major diseases.

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Final disease diagnosis.

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After all investigations have been done, a diagnosis of the disease is made.

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Remedial diagnosis.

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This is the most important part as far as homeopathy is concerned. For this purpose, the selected symptoms are arranged in a systematic order according to their importance. The symptoms are analyzed to find out the importance of each symptom for the selection of remedy and the remedy is selected based on similarity.

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The appropriate remedy is diagnosed by a process called “compounding”. The book known as a “prescription collection” is used here. A compendium is an index of symptoms in a materia medica (a book containing drug symptoms). Today, computer software is used for the compilation.

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In this set of prescriptions, the most appropriate prescription is selected by referring to various books and considering the patient’s living space survey.

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Anti-miasmatic treatment.

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The root cause of the disease is miasms, which should be eradicated by using appropriate anti-miasmatic drugs. Each medicine can eradicate miasm if the symptoms are similar.