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2y3k » Civil War era bullet collection. A Hobby to Remember the Past

Civil War era bullet collection. A Hobby to Remember the Past

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Did you know that more than 1,000 different types of bullets were used during the Civil War? This is one of the reasons why Civil War bullet collecting became a popular . Another reason is that the development of firearms and ammunition changed during the Civil War. The round musket cartridges of the Revolutionary era were being replaced by the bullets we are used to. While musket balls were found on Civil War battlefields, the most common type of bullet was the .58 caliber bullet with three rings on the bottom. Many of the bullets found were splattered beyond recognition. If you’ve always been fascinated with the Civil War and firearms, Civil War bullet collecting is a hobby you’ll enjoy.

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With the advent of Internet buying and selling, Civil War bullets have become more collectible and prices are rising rapidly. Not only that, but sometimes sellers are uninformed and ask for more than the bullets are worth. For these reasons, if you are just starting out in Civil War ammunition collecting, you will want to get a good price guide. You can even find a price guide online if that works better for you.

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Many Civil War bullet collectors also collect bullet molds and other relics from the Civil War era. True enthusiasts may even investigate the possibility of becoming Civil War reenactors, joining others in performing battles in towns and fields across the Southeast.

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Civil War-era bullets can be collected by buying them from other collectors, or you can just go out on the battlefield and dig and search. A metal detector will make collecting Civil War era bullets much easier. You can also find buttons on uniforms, bullet molds, belt buckles and other metal items from the battle. Some bullets may be buried very deep. You will need to wear headphones and pay close attention to the changing tone of the metal detector. Hunting for Civil War relics is prohibited on protected battlefields, but there are still old homes where battles took place. Be sure to get permission from the owner and fill in any holes you dig.

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Some people think hunting for bullets with metal detectors shows a lack of respect for the soldiers who died there. They think this because sometimes the person hunting for bullets finds them along with the bones. The truth, however, is that many bullet hunters who found bullets in this manner recorded and mapped their findings, resulting in many of the facts we now know about the Civil War.

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The Civil War fascinates Americans because of all that it represents. While everyone agrees that slavery is a terrible stain on American history, there are still those who discuss the rights of the states versus a powerful central government. Civil War-era bullet collecting is an interesting hobby, though sometimes sobering considering the large number of casualties. The memory of fratricide in cornfields and ranches will never be lost. Civil War bullet collecting is one way to commemorate this monumental historical event.