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2y3k » Best Aggressive Inline Skates 2023

Best Aggressive Inline Skates 2023

For a workout that’s as fun as it is challenging, lace up and give aggressive inline skating a shot. More commonly known as rollerblading or freestyle rolling, aggressive inline skating incorporates the physical demands of rollerblading with the creativity and freedom to perform tricks while on the move. It builds cardiovascular endurance while engaging your entire body in movement. What’s better than having fun, being outside, and burning calories all at once?

There are two types of skates generally used for inline skating: normal inline skates and aggressive inline skates. Standard inline skates feature two to five wheels and are considered the land-friendly version of the ice skate. They include a rubber brake block to aid in steering and stopping.

Aggressive inline skates, comparatively, have smaller and more precise wheels. The small wheels make it easier to glide in and around obstacles, jump, and perform tricks. The bold and tenacious design of the aggressive inline skate is your best bet when you’re looking to rollerblade for extended periods of time. Let’s take a look at some of the best aggressive rollerblades on the market today.

K2 Men’s Uptown Inline Skate

The K2 Men’s Skate comes with a sturdy cuff that meets the demands of aggressive rollerblading. Designed with flexibility and hardness in mind, it features a 243 mm aluminum frame for support and has 80 mm 85a wheels for low-impact landing. The conventional lace system comes with a customization option so you can fasten your skates in the way that feels most comfortable.

The stylish design also features a locking mechanism that protects users while they perfect their craft. A versatile piece of skating technology, the K2 Men’s Uptown Inline Skate is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Although they’re only available in the single black color, they come in a variety of sizes, and they ship quickly.

Features & Benefits

  • Traditional lacing: customize your lacing and knot the same way you tie your shoes
  • Aggressive cuff: aggressive skaters need more support than most skater types. This durable cuff is as good as it gets
  • Rockerable 243mm aluminum frame
  • 80mm 85a wheels
  • Ilq 7 bearings
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K2 Unnatural Inline Skates

With a sleek look and a streamlined design, the K2 Unnatural Inline Skate features a larger wheel configuration (60mm), providing users with increased speed and a smoother skating experience. The H-block frame is accompanied by rockered frame spacers, and the high-collar soft boot liners improve comfort. The soleplate area is made from Teflon, making the Unnatural Inline Skate a hardy piece of equipment that you can rely on for day-to-day use.

High-performance composite material on the exterior and outsole enables users to experience a more controlled ride while accounting for speed and acceleration. The 88a wheel durometers are located within a durable frame that mitigates wear and tear. This skate has traditional lacing systems, but it can be customized on the cuff and slides. The Unnatural has ABEC 5 bearings, which make them best for recreational use. They’re equipped with a straight wheel setup and shock absorber to help with smooth landings and minimize the impact on the feet.

Features & Benefits

  • TRADITIONAL LACING: Customize your lacing and knot the same way you tie your shoes.
  • AGGRESSIVE CUFF: Aggressive skaters need more support than most types. The development process for the K2 Aggressive cuffs involved huge gaps, slides, and boot tricks. This durable cuff is as good as it gets when you are out to destroy.
  • AGGRESSIVE FRAME: Aggressive frames are designed to grind, which is why K2 uses fast-sliding composite materials. The frame has our hex frame spacers, making it easy to change your wheel set up from rockered to flat, while also being UFS compatible.
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    Razors Genesys G11 Aggressive Skates

Sturdy, supportive, and flexible, these Razors Genesys G11 skates provide users with changeable grinds, soul frame, and backslide plating for extra strength, flexibility, and support. Since their inception, these skates have undergone a variety of style and color changes, eventually settling on the classic black and white combination. They have GC Featherlite (GC FLT3) frames that are easily replaceable.

Thanks to thick padding and liners, the Genesys series is extremely comfortable and reliable. Proper support can be attributed to the 42 mm heel pad and anti-rocker wheels.

Features & Benefits

  • GC FLT3 frame
  • Genesys liner with extra thick padding
  • Replaceable Soul frame
  • Replaceable backslide plate
  • Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove
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Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates

Flexi-strong support makes the Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skate a great product for performance skaters. The ground plate on the boot allows for fine grinding, and the wheel configuration and size create a smooth ride. The Featherlite frames put minimum stress on the skates, and a streamlined design yields a swift and simple skating experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Grind plate
  • 60 mm wheels
  • 90A hardness wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
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    Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Street Italian Inline Skates

Roces, based in Italy, has been creating inline skates longer than anyone in the business. A perfect blend of technology, quality, performance, and ergonomics, these beauties are designed for street skating. The high pads and slo-memory foam liners mean that comfort is never sacrificed in the name of fashion, and with adjustable straps, flexible laces, and a shock-absorbing insole, these skates go above and beyond.

Designed specially with a footbed for street skating, these aggressive inline skates have two outer wheels and two inner wheels for grinding purposes. Providing a high-performance skating experience with every ride, they are some of the best rollerblades available.

Features & Benefits

  • Shell – High-Grade Polyurethane HGPU. Liner – Anatomically Padded with Slo-Memory Foam
  • Closure – Aluminum Memory Buckle, Laces. Fitting – Special Aggro-grab strap, Special Shock Absorbing Insole
  • Footbed – Roces for Street Skating. Wheels – 2 pcs Roces 56mm 88A + 2 pcs central grinding wheels. Bearing – ABEC 5. Spacers – Aluminum
  • Frame – UFS – Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon. For best size fitment, select the same size as your usual shoe size. If the half-size is not available, select the next larger full size
  • Designed in Italy, manufactured in China. We call them "Italian shoes on a blade."
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Aggressive inline skates are for skaters who value performance, stunts, tricks, and speed. The aggressive rollerblades listed above will live up to every expectation. Take some time to decide what you want to get out of your aggressive skates, then make a confident decision with all your newfound knowledge.