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2y3k » Top 8 Udu Drums For Sale Reviews and Top Picks 2023

Top 8 Udu Drums For Sale Reviews and Top Picks 2023

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The term “Udu” was derived from a clay pot that typically resembles an ancient water jug or a vessel. Generally, it contains two holes located on the top part and the middle portion of its body. Historically speaking, the Igbo women of Nigeria were the pioneer percussionist during the earliest times and they performed these musical instruments during their ceremonies.

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In today’s generation, the Udu Drums were preserved and still popular because of their epic bass sound and unique pitches. Some of the famous and trusted crafters of these tribal musical instruments were Latin Percussion, Schalagwerk, and X8 Drums and Percussions.

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They offer great Udu drums with quality bass sounds, awesome classic appearance, and amazing pitch-perfect tune. Collect, play, and learn Udu drums today and take a look among these remarkable wide selections of their creations. Spot the best drum for you and kick start the year with splendid tribal music!

1, Latin Percussion LP1400-MB Udu Drum Mbwata

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Smooth bass sound and relaxing tune are the best features of this instrument. Specifically, the large round chamber produces round, dry, and mellow bass tones. On the other hand, the small and flat chamber emits wet, sharp, and bright tones. The sounds exactly resemble the music of the Middle Eastern dumbek and Indian Tabla.

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It is a great drum for practice lessons since it does not produce loud sound instead, it amazingly reflects a hollow and delicate phasing sound.

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Moreover, the appearance of this drum was a bit different than the traditional one because of the flat chamber style and the body of the drum appears to be tilted when displayed. As additional information, this percussion instrument weighs 12.9 pounds and measures 15.8 x 15.8 x 20.5 inches as to its physical dimensions. For this type of drum, it has an affordable price next to the X8-UDU-H Udu Drum — Honey by X8 Drums & Percussion.

2, Latin Percussion Udu Drum Udongo Ii

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Hitting this drum with your hands and fingertips creates a variety of sounds and catchy tunes. This Latin Percussions’ musical pottery instrument appeared the most unique as to its look and rhythmic style. The position of the holes on the two chambers produces a different sound, unlike the typical drums.

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As similar to the other Latin Percussions’, this drum also creates mild and pleasant sound. It does not get too loud and actually, if you really want to listen to it clearly, you will need a microphone. It’s also a nice instrument to practice in learning this percussion-based musical device. The price of this musical instrument is moderate but affordable enough for both professionals and neophytes.

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When it comes to its physical measurements, it is lighter than the rest of the musical instruments of Latin Percussions which is usually around 15.2 pounds. As to its height, length, and width, it has a dimension of 17.4 x 25.3 x 15.1 inches. In addition, this instrument is not spacious and it can be stored in your room.

3, Latin Percussion LP1400-C3 Udu Drum

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Tone and styles matter when you plan to purchase this drum. It has distinctive tones ranges from the subtle bass up to table-like tones. It can be played for therapy sessions because it provides a calming and soothing feeling to the listener. It demonstrates complementary tones which mean these Latin Percussions’ best drums can produce tone variations.

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This instrument was commonly played in a sitting position wherein it was rested on the lap of the percussionist. But actually, it can also be played while standing as long as you have a tabletop or stand to place your drum. This is another affordable drums to be considered on your list.

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Looking at its appearance, the contour of the drum connotes a teardrop shape and the style implies the typical traditional drums. It was pretty basic and simple. As to its measurements, it is 15.5 x 15.8 x 19.5 inches and weighs up to 6.6 pounds. Therefore, this drum is the lightest among the Latin Percussions’ instruments hence, it can be carried anywhere.

4, Latin Percussion LP1400-UT Udu Drum

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Getting excited to know the lowest pitch among the Udus? This Latin Percussion’s drum produce technically cowbell-like sounds due to its flat chambers. The bell emits bright, wet, and light sounds when you tried to play it. In addition, this type of drums is ideal for bongo and conga percussionists. The tones can be versatile because every day you might discover unique sounds that it produced.

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It is recommended to play this instrument in a parallel position rather than a diagonal style because the beautiful melodies of the drums are most likely produced in the former position such as large deep sounds and authentic clay tones.

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Ideally, the appearance of the musical vessel is similar to a frying pan. Moreover, this instrument is unique and very reliable in bringing soothing and therapy-like sounds. By the way, this percussion device has measurements of 19.6 x 12.5 x 25.4 inches and its density was around 13.1 pounds. Moreover, this musical instrument is suitable for your budget since it is not too expensive and practical as to its cost.

5, X8 Drums Percussion X8-UDU-H Udu Drum

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X8 Drums and Percussion innovated the all-known Udu Drums into a modern style built. They have created a ceramic material version of it and it features a detailed and clear tone. Due to its ceramic built, it releases a new and unique deep bass. Usually, the soothing sounds of this instrument describe the music of the Djembe and African Drum performances.

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The X8-UDU-H Udu Drum’s appearance was really surprising and awesome since it was modernized and the light golden honey polish of this artistic musical vessel becomes more appealing and decent to the eyes. Moreover, the padded drum holder as its base was also modernized using black sophisticated color. In addition, the hue and design of the drum’s surface connote an Asian style look. It is also the cheapest among all the drums mentioned in this context so it can be suitable for people with a strict budget.

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For specific measurements, this percussion instrument has a lighter weight than the usual Udu drums and usually weighs only 8 pounds. When it comes to its dimensions, it has 11 x 11 x 14 inches.

6, Latin Percussion LP1400-HG LP Udu Drum Hadgini

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This percussion drum might look peculiar because of its artistic mold and shape. However, despite its strange look, it can release different notes and deep tones. The relaxing shallow sounds can even make you fall asleep. Moreover, this drum is one of the famous Latin Percussions’ crafts because it was personally developed by Jamey Haddad and Frank Giorgini (legendary percussionists of all time).

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The appearance of the chambers might be awkward but the shape itself was significant to produce tonal variations. In which, the triangular chamber can produce transparent and bright sounds that resemble a clay-tabla whereas the rounded low chambers can emit alto level of tunes. This drum is amazing and it was really recognized by the well-known percussionists. It is a worthy investment to buy for.

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Furthermore, the stylish look of this drum can be displayed in your house like in the living room or bedroom. It is handy since it only weighs around 10.5 pounds and manageable as to its space because it only occupies around 23 x 13.8 x 18.6 inches of your storage or surface.

7, Schlagwerk U70S Skin Tunable Udu

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“Elegance” is the most appropriate term that perfectly defines the Schlagwerk Udu Drums. The sleek and edgy designs of their percussion instruments were already attractive to the buyers. This might be the most expensive among all of these drums but worth buying for.

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The design of the outer appearance was technically amazing and as if it resembles an Asian look style. Unlike the other drums, this one rested in a lateral position and this is some kind of unique to this instrument. How about its distinctive tones?

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The sounds produced by this specialty of Schlagwerk creates a harmonious, delicate, and oriental bass drum tones. The listener will definitely get inspired by the relaxing low-frequency levels of its bass.

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The standard weight of this drum was around 15 pounds and it measures 15 x 22 x 15 inches as to its physical dimensions. This drum is worth to try because it can be played and displayed at home. It’s surprising to have this drum available in stores!

8, Terre Udu Clay Drum

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Cheapest of all the Udu drums in the list, this one from Terre is very well made for its price. This drum’s high-quality sound which can be modified into different tones is the result of striking its thin goatskin. At the same time, modulation can be increased by opening and closing this drum’s hole.

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This drum weighs only around 4 pounds and measures 18 x 15 x 15 inches as to its physical dimensions.

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Additionally, this drum makes a great house decor aside from it being a great instrument at a very affordable price.

The Verdict

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Which is the best of all? Actually, all of the Udu Drums mentioned in this context qualifies for an outstanding and quality sounds. The matter of choice depends on the preference of the buyer in considering the appearance, sounds, and price of the musical instrument.

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For scrupulous buyers, you might have an initial assessment and review of the percussion instrument by reading all of the details in this context, so that you will have a better guide in which drums fit on your preference and style.

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Imagine how beautiful musical pieces you can produce using these drums especially when dealing with pitch variations, deep basses, and relaxing classical tune.