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2y3k » The Best VGA to HDMI Converters 2023

The Best VGA to HDMI Converters 2023

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In line with the consistently high demands for VGA , DVI , HDMI, and other cables are innovations that aim to optimize viewing and display. These updates include hybrid cables with varied ends and adapters that convert signals compatible to an output device.

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Choosing the perfect cable might be easy, but not until it fits nowhere else in your monitors. These instances usually happen with VGA-equipped computers and monitors that accept nothing but HDMIs.

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This occurrence gave rise to the best VGA to HDMI converter. This type of adapter combines VGA and audio signals and audio input towards a single, compatible HDMI output.

With these creations of different companies, better screen viewing no longer requires a separate cable. Plus, audio signals can now move from your laptops to your HDTVs. See reviewed choices of this device below to pick the perfect one for you.

Best VGA to HDMI Converter Reivews

1. FOINNEX VGA to HDMI Adapter

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I love the FOINNEX VGA to HDMI Adapter for the convenience it brings. The device matches my old computer and a high-end projector. I only have to plug the VGA male adapter, the USB connector, the audio jack, and the HDMI on the opposite side. Then, I can play my favorite games or series.

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Before buying this connector, I was concerned about whether the audio and video will have timing differences. Yet, when I plugged the VGA complex into my laptop and the HDMI to my monitor, then opened a movie, both outputs came synchronized.

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This product also supports video resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080 at a 60Hz frequency rate. My videos show up consistently and without signs of slow signals. Not only do I get to carry sounds from my VGA PC to HDTVs, but I also get to preserve the quality of the display.

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I am glad about not having to buy a separate cable or find compatible devices because of Foinnex. Other than the brand being convenient, I also find it cost-efficient. Considering the price along with incredible functions included, I think this investment indeed pays off.
I hope this adapter is bi-directional so I can interchange the VGA and HDMI ends. Nevertheless, the whole thing works as intended, and it’s friendly with all my devices.

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Convenient to use with a plug-and-play feature

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Synchronised audio and video

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Supports resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080

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Consistent video quality and sound

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Cost-efficient product at a great price

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Not a bi-directional cable

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All in all, I am satisfied with the cable’s performance. The images are of good quality, and the sounds are sharp. Also, it works for all my set-ups at home and even at my office.

2. VicTsing VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter

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With a VGA male adapter and HDMI female on opposing ends, the VicTsing VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter can work for entertainment and workplace arrangements.

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What’s unique about this device is that it comes with a female HDMI adapter. So, you can plug a separate HDMI cable to the converter’s female port and your monitor’s HDMI slot.

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This product is a user-friendly one. It helps me identify quickly whether or not my devices have connected through an LED light indicator. This device lights up when a successful HDMI connection happens. Also, this signal light indicates the working condition of the HDMI output.

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VicTsing also ensures an enhanced signal transmission through its gold-plated connectors. These pieces of metal also help prevent corrosion and damage to the adapters. So, you don’t only get efficient data transfer but also premium protection for your gadgets.

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This cable’s VGA adapter works with PCs, laptops, and other VGA output devices, whereas the HDMI port works with projectors, HDTVs, and different monitors with HDMI input. Plus, this connector is compatible with Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

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However, I am a bit worried about the adapters getting warm after a couple of hours. I think it would be better to back this cable up with a good phone charger.

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Unique connector that works for work and entertainment set-ups

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Comes with LED indicators to indicate connections

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Gold-plated interface for better signal transmission

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Premium build for preventing corrosion and damages

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Features universal compatibility in terms of devices and operating systems

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Can get warm after a few hours

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I am happy about having this cable at home, as it fits my needs and is convenient to use. This cable is something that can stand out from among a pool of adapters.

3. NewBEP VGA to HDMI Adapter Cable

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Extend your screens and enjoy work-leisure times with the NewBEP VGA to HDMI Adapter Cable.

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This cable supports extended and mirror display modes. So, it allows us to watch the news while working or share an entire screen with our family. This converter is indeed convenient to use and does not require additional tools or software for installation.

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If you worry about maintaining old-style computers and notebooks with VGA-equipped ports, then you should go for this one. This adapter works with high-end output devices like big-screen viewing monitors, HDTVs, etc. As long as your gadgets have VGA outputs and HDMI inputs, any analog signal converts to HDMI-compatible signals with audio.

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I don’t have to relocate my laptop every time I need a duplicate or additional screen because this product is long enough at 6 feet to reach my projector. Plus, I am glad that my displays do not deteriorate even after light stretching on the cable, as the converter is also sturdy.

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When I first plugged these adapters in, I enjoyed sharp images, delivering quality viewing as advertised. This NewBEP model comes at an affordable price and fit for my intended use.

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I was confident about buying an additional piece of this item. But as the package arrived, the whole thing did not work like the first one. So I asked my supplier for a replacement, claiming that the previous shipment was defective.

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Supports duplicate and extended display modes

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Easy installation without requiring special tools

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Works with any VGA and HDMI-equipped devices

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Long and sturdy 6-foot cable

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Sharp display at a reasonable price



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Some items can be defective upon shipment

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This product works well with my old computer no matter the type of screen it connects. I find it affordable for a cable that’s 1.8m long and supports varied displays.

4. GANA Mini VGA to HDMI Audio Video Converter

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With four ports compacted in one black box, the GANA Mini VGA to HDMI Audio Video Converter transmits analog signals into HDMI devices in the form of digital data. This converter block ensures fast signal transmission at a 6.75GbPS rate. Note that transfers occur from VGA to HDMI only, and it cannot go the opposite way.

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This adapter is ready to use upon unboxing. You don’t need any driver or software to install this. All you have to do is plug the cables from your PC to the box, and finally to the output device.

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Unlike other cables that arrive as bare wires with adapters on both ends, GANA comes with a user manual. I find this addition beneficial, especially when choosing the lines to use. Also, these pieces of paper serve as an owner’s guide other than for installation-related purposes.

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I love how I can fit this converter anywhere. There’s no need to route cables at any corner. With a 66 x 55 x 20mm dimension, I get to save space. Also, I can identify connection issues quickly since the ports come in one location only. And I believe that’s one advantage for me in terms of troubleshooting.

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Yet, the package does not come with an audio cable. It would have been better to have one in it, so I’ll be sure that it’s the best-prescribed wire for audio purposes. Nevertheless, I bought a separate one, and it works just right.

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Speedy compact VGA to HDMI converter box

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Easy and convenient to use

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Comes with a user manual

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Space-saving sleek body (66 x 55 x 20mm)

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Compressed ports in one adapter for quick troubleshooting

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Does not come with an audio jack

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All in all, the GANA connector is of great help to me. I find it unique, and easy to use. I am sure a lot of users would opt for this device.

5. QGeeM VGA to HDMI Adapter with Audio

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You can share your favorite games and movies with your friends using the QGeeM VGA to HDMI Adapter with Audio.

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This portable device hooks up with VGA-ported CPUs and laptops and connects to HDTVs through its female HDMI output on the other end. What’s distinct with this adapter is it doesn’t come with a cable linking the VGA and HDMI ports.

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I am meticulous with image depth and sharpness, especially when doing video slides. Luckily, this converter can expand my screens to enhance my performance. I am glad that the displays remain consistent at 1920 x 1080 resolution, without disruption. Thus, the pictures are always clear, and even my games suffer no lag at all.

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Connecting this converter to a power source and an audio outlet can be effortless. In detail, this product comes with a bonus USB connector and an audio cable to link to a power supply and a stereo port, respectively. Thus, I don’t have to adventure out to seek the perfect wires.

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I can see how QGeeM takes care of their products physically. Other than its minimalist design, the package comes in a box. Plus, inside it is a molding customized to the shape of the converter and its components. That way, the entire set remains free from shaking and possible damages, especially when in transit.

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I hope this product works with a Mac OS since I have one device powered by this operating system. Nevertheless, it’s compatible with other widely-used operating systems.

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Portable converter without a cable between the male VGA and female HDMI

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Consistently high resolution ( 1920 x 1080) and quality images

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Comes with a USB cable and audio jack connectors

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Secure and customized packaging for traveling

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Incompatible with Mac OS

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This is one of the best VGA to HDMI converters that quick to use, my videos and games are significantly better than with my old cable. Plus, this brand doesn’t compromise with its accessories and packaging.

6. Benfei VGA to HDMI Adapter

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Coming with a compact design, the Benfei VGA to HDMI Adapter connects well with desktops and HDTVs. This product’s lightweight and compact build can fit almost any corner in my bag or even my pocket.

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I find this converter durable because of its gold connectors. It adds rigidity to the cable, and it helps improve conductivity. Another stability factor in this product is its reinforced joints and advanced PCBA solution. Not only that this set of adapters is durable, but it also ensures adequate signal transmission.

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I appreciate that this device’s USB cable integrates audio signals as well. So, you don’t have to search for a pair of audio jacks or stress over additional wires. Just plug the adapters into their respective ports, and begin presenting.

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Benfei ensures long-time satisfaction for every item purchase. It comes with an 18-month unconditional warranty, which not all brands offer. Also, their customer service is friendly and easy to reach. So, when any issue comes up, I can be sure that my concerns will be resolved immediately.
However, I didn’t seem to get any signal from the female HDMI end. I raised the problem and received a new one a few days after. Things are working well now.

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Compact and non-bulky design

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High durability with gold-plated connectors and sturdy joints

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Provides USB-embedded audio

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Comes with an 18-month warranty

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Unavailability of signals on the HDMI port

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I am satisfied with this technology by Benfei, as it works with all my activities with no display and stereo interruption.

7. eSynic VGA to HDMI Converter

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With a 2-in-1 USB adapter, the eSynic VGA to HDMI Converter can transmit analog video and audio signals to your HDMI outputs, like HDTV.

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This item comes with a male VGA adapter, a female HDMI port, and a male USB port to carry audio and video data from your PCs or laptops. That way, there’s no need to plug in stereo cables to support video sounds.

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This product ensures speedy data transmission through its gold-plated adapters. Also, it comes with a high-grade aluminum alloy shell. With these, I have never experienced lags nor data loss whenever I’m using it. And my converter’s durability is significantly higher than those with flimsy connectors.

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I am glad about being able to work efficiently because of this cable. I get to make use of its mirror and extended views, depending on my purpose. Plus, it supports resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080, so I get the best graphics every time. Thus, doing a paper on my PC and making a spreadsheet on a bigger monitor is possible.

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While other users might not find this relevant, the LED indicators near the female HDMI is significant to me. This blue light indicates whether or not the converter establishes a good connection with my devices. So, when I see no light in this adapter, I would know there’s an issue with my set-up.

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I can see some faint lines on the monitor when connecting this cable to my devices. They’re noticeable, but they don’t affect the performance at all.

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Comes with a USB adapter that supports power to the converter and audio

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Gold-plated connectors and aluminum alloy shell for speedy transmission

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Supports high-resolution displays in the mirror or extended modes

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LED light to indicate the working condition

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Faint lines on the monitor extension

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Overall, I am impressed with this product’s quality. I believe many users would opt for this item because it’s convenient, portable, and efficient. Also, this is a reliable one.

8. FOINNEX VGA to HDMI Adapter Converter

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If you think you can’t fit VGA to HDMI converters in your pocket, then try the FOINNEX VGA to HDMI Adapter Converter to see otherwise.

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This device comes in a small union of VGA and HDMI with no cable connections in between. Within its complex are USB and audio ports to power the entire converter and transmit sounds from a VGA-oriented computer.

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Some of my cables encountered issues with delays between the display and sound. But when I started to use this, the audio and video synchronized well. I believe this advantage is attributable to its 24-bit transmission rate. Also, this feature makes my binge-watching more thrilling because of zero lags.

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I love how this brand offers a wide application and compatibility with devices. It works with computers, TV boxes, and laptops with VGA outputs and those with HDMI inputs like HDTVs, monitors, and projectors. That way, I can still utilize my old-fashioned devices as long as they are in good working condition.

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You only need to plug the VGA adapter into the CPU, the HDMI to its corresponding port, and the audio and USB cables to their respective slots as well. After connecting these cables and adapters, you’re ready to do your presentations, watch movies, and play your favorite games.

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However, I was hoping this product’s package comes with a bonus HDMI cord, so at least I don’t have to purchase a separate one or drop by another store. Nevertheless, I am happy about the USB cable and audio jack inclusions.

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Pocket-size VGA to HDMI converter with audio support

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Synchronized audio and video due to 24-bit transmission rate

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Wide compatibility: TV boxes, laptops, HDTVs, monitors, and projectors, etc

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Plug and play; easy to use

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Does not come with a complementary HDMI cable

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FOINNEX gives me a minimalist way of screen amplification. I love how it suits my activities without requiring any installation effort.

9. Onten 1080P VGA to HDMI Adapter

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If you plan to extend your screens to an HDMI-equipped device, but you own an old laptop, consider using the Onten 1080P VGA to HDMI Adapter.

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This product comes with a VGA adapter wired to a female HDMI port with a 3.5mm audio jack and USB power slot. I use this item for my extension screen when keeping up with emails, and I have never encountered issues since then.

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Even with the famous plug-and-play set-up routine, this brand ensures that customers perform proper usage and care to the device. This aspect is possible through the help of included manuals. These instructions are more relevant to those who are not computer savvy but planning to utilize additional screens.

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This product is amenable to work with widely used operating systems. The Onten converter shows consistent optimum resolution and performance on the same computer after I changed from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Plus, it did not cause any degree of retard to my PC.

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I think the colors are a bit off on the second screen. Nevertheless, they remain sharp and at top resolution. So, it’s not that big of an issue for me since the whole thing works well.

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Perfect cable adapter for an extension screen

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Comes with 3.5mm audio jack and USB power support

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Includes a manual for a guided usage

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Works with different operating systems

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Some image colors are a bit dull or off

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All in all, I am glad about how this device responded to changes in my activities and software. For me, it meets the essential requirements of a VGA to HDMI converter cable.

10. Cable Matters VGA to HDMI Adapter

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Say goodbye to faulty stereo wires with the Cable Matters VGA to HDMI Adapter. This product comes with a USB cord that integrates both power and audio signals. So, there’s no need to buy a separate jack or stress over audio slots in the converter.

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I like this converter because it’s 2.5 ounces light, and even with a 38-inch Y cable, it fits any pocket in my bag. Also, it remains sturdy despite the stretching and bending of the wires.

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No matter the video resolutions between the computer and display, Cable Matters performs at peak form. In addition to a full HD display, this product also supports lower resolutions like SVGA, XGA, and UXGA. Thus, as long as your devices connect properly, any compatible display format can work with both of them.

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As expected, this product comes with gold-plated connectors to help improve the data transfer cable. Also, it has finger-tightened screws to connect the VGA end firmly to the PC or laptop. These attributes are essential in securing a strong connection and adequate signal transmission between your monitors and sources.

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On the downside, this cable shows blurry and foggy displays. But they are only noticeable once I try to compare them with my source device. On top of that, the images remain at sharp resolutions or at any level I want.

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Audio and power embedded in a USB cord

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Lightweight, flexible, and durable

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Supports different resolution levels

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Gold-plated connectors for fast signal transmission

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Finger-tightened screws for a firm connection

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Displays on extended screens are a bit foggy

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I am glad about this item giving me an easy time when working or presenting. I can bring it anywhere without tearing out, and my videos and audio play sharply.

11. Giveet VGA to HDMI Adapter

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Featuring a one-way design, the Giveet VGA to HDMI Adapter converts your VGA to HDMI signals with a VGA male plug and a female HDMI port.

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This converter comes with USB and audio jack slots for power and audio support, respectively. And to give me flawless meetings, it features a stable adapting chipset to reduce lags during videos and presentations.

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I find this converter durable and steady since it is built with an aluminum alloy case on the HDMI case and gold-plated connectors on the other end. These materials are corrosion-resistant and have a high tolerance to wearing. Thus, they don’t only preserve my cable but also promote optimum data transmission.

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This brand also has universal compatibility for both HDMI and VGA ends. It can work with PCs, TV-boxes, and laptops as output devices and HDTVs and monitors for the input. That way, I get to shuffle different gadgets at home and maximize my screens with ease.

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I like this converter because it does its job, and it makes my investment worth it. Also, it comes with a bonus USB cable and audio jack. All I need to do is plug things on and start working.

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On the downside, I am a bit bothered by the feedback sounds when pluging-in the audio jack. But it’s not disturbing after a few adjustments on the positioning of the plug.

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One-way converter with a stable chipset

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Aluminum alloy case and gold-plated connectors for durability

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Can work with PCs, TV-boxes, laptops, HDTVs, and monitors

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Comes with a USB cable and audio jack

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Feedback sounds when plugging the audio is a bit annoying

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Never have I experienced any amount of hassle with this converter. This brand offers the basic requirements of a quality VGA to HDMI adapter.

12. Wonlyus VGA to HDMI Adapter Cable with Audio

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If you want a heavy-duty converter cable that can withstand your activities, consider getting a Wonlyus VGA to HDMI Adapter Cable with Audio.

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This 4-feet long converter allows you to install your media sets without having to place your monitor inches away from your PC. It also comes with a built-in USB power cable and audio jack, so you don’t have to plug them off from the HDMI case.

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Binge-watching with this cable is seamless as desired, as the videos sync well with the audio outputs, and it goes as high as 1920 x 1080 resolution at a 60Hz frequency. This brand also supports a 24-bit dynamic range. Thus, it makes the sound quality better and the display at the full range of colors.

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Installation is a beneficial aspect of this cable. It won’t require you to use drivers to make it work, neither does it ask you to search for high-voltage power supplies. A 5V power source will be enough to make this cable work. So, it’s easy to use, plus it’s energy-efficient.

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Other than the converter itself, buyers of this product also get the assurance of solving matters related to their items. Thus, I always feel confident about this brand.

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However, I see some random flickers when playing motion pictures. I have played around three videos with flickering displays at a 5-minute interval. I wasn’t sure about the issue, but I tried cleaning the converter and tightening the adapters. No more display disturbances happened after that.

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Four-feet heavy-duty converter with attached USB and audio cables

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Supports high-resolution display at 60Hz frequency

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Features 24-bit display and audio

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Driver-free and energy efficient

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Helpful customer service

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Flickering displays happen at times

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No matter the usage, I can always rely on this cable. I get the visuals required, whether at work or home.

Do VGA to HDMI Converters Really Work

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The only time that these devices won’t work is when they’re defective, incompatible, and that they have set usage restrictions written on their packages. The rest of these instances should suggest that these adapters will work.

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And while most VGA to HDMI converters, like top-tier pieces from India, need no drivers to function, the plug-and-play action can also indicate whether they will work.

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So, it’s easy to identify the operating capacity of these devices by using them. Note that not all converters might work on your devices as these can be preferential in terms of the model, operating systems, and even the brand.

How Do I Convert My VGA monitor to HDMI

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You won’t be able to change a VGA-equipped monitor to one with HDMI unless your monitor has HDMI ports in it. The most common step in converting a VGA monitor to an HDMI screen is through a VGA to HDMI converter.

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All you have to do is plug the VGA adapters into your older desktop, the USB and audio jack to their respective ports, and finally, the HDMI routed to your intended monitor.

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Always remember that before buying a converter, you need to be sure of your needs and what devices you have so they all complement in the long run. You might be purchasing one with a female HDMI end, but you don’t have an HDMI cable yet.

How Much is a VGA to HDMI Converter

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The cost of a VGA to HDMI converter varies depending on the brand, style, and other technical aspects. One VGA to HDMI review on Reddit might claim a converter costs cheap at $15 but can be expensive for some. In most stores, the price range of these devices runs from around $7 to $16. But, other suppliers sell these pieces of adapters by as high as $25.


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Using the best VGA to HDMI converter can save you a lot of money and effort searching for devices with heterogeneous display ports.

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So, be excited to work productively and play your online arcades with thrill. Hopefully, with our recommended list and guide, you can make a well-informed decision to get the best VGA to HDMI adapter. Feel free to drop your insights in the comments section. Have a great day!