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2y3k » Best Desk Lamps of 2023

Best Desk Lamps of 2023

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If you are searching for the best desk lamps, you are at the right place, this post is aimed at showing you the best desk lamps out there. There are so many lamps out there, but only a few can do what you want. Read through, to discover the best desk lamps.


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After extensive research on desk lamps, completed it by asking ourselves the same questions I mentioned above. We came up with what we thought were the best attributes to consider when choosing a great desk lamp.

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What we actually created is a complete desk lamp buying guide that we have broken down into 11 things to consider before buying a desk lamp.

Consider the desk lamp types

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Based on the bulb types, there are 5 types of desk lamps.

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Halogen Desk Lamp

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These types of lamps are great if you do a lot of reading at your desk. They offer a bright natural light that makes it easy to focus on the text. The bright white light of a halogen lamp decreases eye strain.

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The halogen light bulb will last about 2 to 3 times longer than a regular bulb. The unique thing about halogen bulbs is they use 10% to 20% less energy than a standard light bulb.

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Incandescent Desk Lamp

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Incandescent desk lamps use a typical light bulb that produces light from the heat of the filament burning inside the bulb. This type of lamp gives off a warm slightly yellowish glow.

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That makes it an excellent light source for the evening time! These desk lamps run a little cheaper than the others, but the bulb does not last as long.

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Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp

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If you’re a graphic designer, interior designer or you have a job where seeing color in detail is necessary. Then a Full-Spectrum desk lamp is ideal for you. These lamps make the color look exceptional because the light actually covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near-ultraviolet.

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That is basically what our sun does when its light splashes across the earth. The full spectrum light is also known for having an increase in brightness as well as visual sharpness. It has been declared that it will increase workplace productivity.

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Fluorescent Desk Lamp

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This particular type of desk lamp comes in several shapes and styles; sometimes making it easier to find one that goes with your decor.

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A Fluorescent desk lamp gives out a nice even coverage across your workspace with very natural-looking light.

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Fluorescent bulbs are also very efficient; they last almost 11 times longer than traditional bulbs. Another feature of the fluorescent bulb is it only gives off about 30% of its heat.

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LED Desk Lamp

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First off, LED lights produce remarkably less heat than all the other lights mentioned above. The LED Desk Lamp is the new era of desk lamps. They come in many unique designs to make for a sleeker-looking desktop lamp.

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An LED is a directional light meaning it creates a concentrated beam of light rather than sending light out in all directions.

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So, what does this mean exactly? It will produce light down on your work area with no glare and no stray light shining back into your eyes.

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The Lifespan of an LED light can last up to 50,000 hours. The LED desk lamps do come with a bit of a higher price tag but they also cost a fraction of your energy bill compared to all the other types of desk lamps.

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Consider the features

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Are you getting a lamp with the right type of light bulb for your projects? Always consider your lighting needs before making any purchase.

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Many Lamps come with dimmer switches and other lighting features. If aesthetics are important to you then of course consider the decor of the lamp you choose.

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Make sure you know what height you would like your desk lamp to be. Although many lamps come with adjustable or flexible arms to adjust the height to your needs at the moment.

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Then there is brightness, make sure you get a desk lamp that will offer the brightness that you desire. As mentioned before, brightness is usually dictated by the type of bulb that is used in your desk lamp.

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Consider the material

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Desk lamps are made from a few different kinds of materials. The most common being plastic mold, a flexible metal neck that is covered in plastic, ceramic, wood, etc…

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The choice of what material you would like your desk lamp to solely depend on if it is a practical fit for your already existing office.

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Consider Bulb Type

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The type of bulb you choose will determine many things about the output of light your desk lamp will allow. Knowing what the main objective will be at your workstation should help you choose what type of bulb you need a little easier.

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As mentioned above each type of desk lamp light bulb offers its own unique benefits.

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Consider lighting adjustments

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Many Desk Lamps come with many different types of lighting adjustments. These can be from having a dimmer control and a low/high power switch to adjustment controls that let you adjust ambient, accent lighting, etc.

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Make sure you understand what adjustment controls you might want to come with your desk lamp.

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Consider Lamp Size

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Of course, desk lamps come in many different sizes. How big is your desk or workspace? How big or small would you like a desk lamp to be? These are just some simple questions to ask yourself. I’m sure you can come up with others.

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Consider Design

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Do you want a desk lamp with a practical design? Or are you going for something snazzy-looking to go with your already in place office decor?

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I would suggest carefully looking at the design of the desk lamp you are considering buying. For one thing, does the lamp’s base look sturdy enough?

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Will, the lamp fit in the space it will be designated to stand?

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These are just a few things to consider when looking at the design of a desk lamp for your workspace.

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Consider brightness and light Adjustability

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As mentioned before, the brightness of your desk lamp is mostly due to the type of bulb that is being used. But some desk lamps, like the Full Spectrum, can adjust the brightness level to your desire.

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The brightness level you want really lies with what type of activity you are performing at your desk, as well as, what you believe to be optimal brightness.

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So, choose which type of desk lamp you want wisely, especially when it comes to the amount of brightness you want.

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Consider Power Type

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Do you want a desk lamp with a cord or not? You have many choices from lamps with cords that plug straight into a regular wall jack.

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Maybe you want a cordless desk lamp? In today’s market, many new LED desk lamps come with rechargeable USB ports.

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There are also battery-operated desk lamps. Choosing what type of power you want to run your desk lamp with is definitely a personal and practical decision you should consider.

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Consider how much energy the desk lamp is consuming

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Not every desk lamp is as energy efficient as the next one. The least efficient is the incandescent desk lamp with the most efficient being the LED desk lamp.

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Definitely do your research into what energy output is being used by the desk lamp you decide to purchase.

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Consider Price and Warranty

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What kind of budget do you have? This is usually a big factor to consider. Some lamps are very inexpensive but they may lack many functions like a light adjustment.

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While others can have a higher price tag, they generally come with all the bells and whistles to give you full control over your desktop lighting needs.

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I suggest you always consider what type of warranty comes with the desk lamp you are interested in buying.

Lampat LED Desk Lamp

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Lampat LED Desk Lamp features easily switchable five-level brightness and four lighting modes to offer the required brightness to the users. Yes, it also comes with a USB charging port to enable you to enjoy your favorite music in the relaxing hours.

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Like the previous one, you can expect natural lights with this lamp. The natural light will protect your eyes. The light is perfect to work during night hours for a long. Also, it will save your energy in a great manner.

TaoTronics Stylish Metal Table Best Desk Lamps

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The Tao Tronics TT-DL16 LED desk lamp comes with an in-built timer and a night light mode that helps you sleep peacefully under the soothing light of this lamp. It is made of a very stylish looking metal that gives it a sleek look and design which is durable. The full metal body has got a scratch-free surface to prevent any kind of scratches at all.

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This best TaoTronics lamp has got an advanced memory to remember what your last setting was and also remember the ideal setting that you can save anytime according to what temperature and light mode you exactly like. Once you save your favourite light setting, the lamp will automatically switch to this mode every time you turn it on.


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The swinging work area arm of the BYB E430 LED work area light offers useful lighting that is extraordinarily and firmly structured. Highlighting a profoundly flexible cinch that can be connected to the edge of any work area, there’s a memory work for discrete lighting modes and six diverse darkening modes to help suit any disposition.

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The fused touch board changes every one of the lighting and diminishing modes, while the 144 included LED bulbs utilize 80 percent less vitality than traditional bulbs, which takes into account a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours

Lightblade 1500S Best Desk Lamps

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Most LED lamps on Amazon have cheaper components and designs. So when looking at the costly Lightblade 1500S LED lamp, we expected a superior, sturdy construction and a good range of features. Unfortunately, the Lightblade’s flimsy plastic construction belongs on a budget lamp, not one with a price higher than most competitors with no real extras to speak of.

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

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With e-Reading Desk Lamp Clamp to save up more space, LED desk lamp provides lighting for your home or office workspace with high versatility.

Luxe Lamp

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The Luxe Lamp is one of the most versatile LED lights ever created for home, work, or outdoor use. Energy-efficient, it offers three lighting modes and six levels of brightness, all controlled by a touch panel at the base, so you can choose between eighteen unique settings to get the perfect soft or bright lights.

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Uniquely portable, this light recharges easily via micro USB, and offers up to 40 hours of continuous runtime. It also rotates, twists, and bends a full 360° in multiple directions for the perfect angle of light, or your choice of look

Brightech Lightview Pro

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Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp is an awesome floor standing magnifying lamp that helps you to view very small details with great ease without any hassle.

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The main aim of this magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration is to facilitate close focus, even with vision problems such as aging of the eyes or macular degeneration.

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This dimmed lamp features the largest authentic diopter magnifying lens available, 4.5 “wide, with a focal length of 15 inches. Its 3 diopter glass easily magnifying your working up to 175%. Magnifying floor lamp 5x does not need a hand to hold it, so you can work with both hands.

Architect Desk Lamp Gesture Control

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If you’re looking for better control over the illumination levels, you can opt for this Lamp. It offers you five different brightness levels. You can also choose between 3 unique light colors. In total, you can get 36 different customizable light options at your fingertips.

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With the help of memory function, you can switch on the Lamp and get the setting which you chose last. Hence, you will not have to select the right setting again and again. With the help of metal swing arms, it is easy to adjust it in any position as per your requirement. The illumination level is 1200 Lux which means that it is more than enough for an ordinary desk.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

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This sleekly designed architecture lamp is the new must-have for all architects. Very modern and chic, this lamp is eco-friendly and consumes 75% less power than regular lamps. It also has a USB port to charge your smart-phones or use it for another purpose. The lamp has three different lighting modes and brightness levels.

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The best part of the lamp is perhaps its design and its portability. It also goes very well with contemporary working spaces. And due to its superior quality LED light, it also helps in reducing your electricity bills!

Phive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

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The swing arm desk lamp which we are discussing now has a modern design. It has a LED light. The purpose of the LED light is to provide you with the illumination without impacting your eyes. It consists of 144 pieces of LED bulbs in the lamp.

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The design protects your eyes from excessive light exposure. There are six different levels of brightness available. There are four lighting modes as well. It is free to adjust. You can move its head 360 without any problem. The arm can be moved anywhere between 0 to 170. As a result, it is easy to customize.

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The advantage of the LED light is that it consumes minimal power. You can save up to 20% as compared to the other lamps. Moreover, with the lifespan of 50,000 hours, it is easy for you to use it for a long time.

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All in all, all the essential features you might need in a swing arm desk lamp are present in this one.


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We have come to the end of this review on best desk lamps. You are sure not to be misled if you follow our buyer’s guide. We went further to create a list of the best desk lamps out there, you have no course to be afraid, going for any of these items, because they have been extensively reviewed, and are found to be reliable, and durable.