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2y3k » Best GPS Trackers of 2023

Best GPS Trackers of 2023

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If you are interested in getting for yourself the best GPS trackers out there, you are at the right place. GPS trackers are good if you intend on keeping track of your kid, or in knowing the directions of places.

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We know how important a GPS tracker is, so we have dedicated this post to show the best GPS trackers. Read through, as we show you the best GPS tracker


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Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Smartest Choice

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Be aware that the GPS tracking and telematics industry is no different than your industry. The low price leader is forgoing something (features, service, financial stability, etc.) to be at the lowest price point.

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By using the checklist you will overcome the temptation to go with the low price leader which may not be the best long-term partner that will maximize your return on investment.

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Identifying Your Needs

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Deciding which GPS tracker to buy really comes down to your situation. Are you managing a fleet of vehicles? Trying to keep tabs on a new pet with an adventurous streak? Looking for details on how often your employees — or child — are speeding when they drive your vehicle?

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Once you have a good idea of what you’ll be using it for, sorting through the different features becomes much easier.

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What Features Do You Need?

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Like anything that falls under the blanket of spy gear, GPS trackers have their own terminology, and it can be a bit confusing if you’re new to it. No worries: this stuff is pretty simple once you get down to it. Understanding the different features is crucial for finding the right GPS tracker for your needs: but we’ll get to those in a second. For now, let’s go through what features you should look for in a GPS tracker.

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GPS Connection

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It might go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: your GPS tracker needs to be able to connect to the global positioning system. 3G is fairly common, and for most users, it should be more than enough for your needs. That said, 4G improves on its predecessor in speed and quantity of data transmission: not to mention future-proofing your investment against changing technology standards. Some trackers can also use LBS (local cell towers) and Wi-Fi to ensure coverage, and cut down on expenses. But even with these, you’ll need to acquire a SIM card from a provider for the unit to function.

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Many providers add a subscription-based service fee on top of this, but at the Spy Store, we don’t pull that kind of stunt: you won’t see hidden subscription costs with our GPS trackers.

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Tracking Software

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Products like the waterproof TK20G 3G Car GPS Tracker include free GPS tracking software, letting you see where your tracker is anytime, anywhere via web service or free app. Some, like the Jimi Hardwired GPS Tracker, can send you SMS or push notifications, giving you up-to-the-minute information.

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Wired Or Portable?

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Wired trackers— like the 3G Jimi Hardwired GPS Tracker — are difficult to remove, less likely to be detected, and offer powerful options like remotely cutting off the vehicle’s fuel and power. Of course, they can’t be used on something that isn’t an automobile, and installation can take a while.

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On the other side of the spectrum, something like the 3-in-1 3G Mini GPS Tracker is a crazy versatile piece of spy gear: equally at home on a pet’s collar, or magnetically attached to a boat or shipping container. So it pays to think about the ways you’ll want to use your GPS tracker ahead of time.

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Geofencing is the act of designating areas as either safe or prohibited and informing you when the device crosses over them.

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So if a vehicle strongly deviates from its route, or a pet has made its way off your property, you can be instantly notified, and act accordingly. Plenty of our GPS trackers — even the diminutive Mini GPS Tracker — offer this feature, so make sure you take advantage of it.

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Status Alerts

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In an emergency, speed matters. A wired solution like the Jimi Hardwired GPS Tracker can give all kinds of notifications: Overspeed alerts for when a speed threshold is crossed, ignition, even vibration such as in a car crash.

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Externally mounted trackers like the Heavy Duty 3G GPS Tracker can also provide Overspeed and shock notifications, as well as tampering/removal notifications should the device be interfered with.

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Battery Life

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How long do you want to go between charging? Wired solutions circumvent this issue by drawing power from the vehicle itself, but for portable GPS trackers, it helps to know how long your battery’s going to last.

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Something like the Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker — with 30 days of constant operation and 80 days of standby life — means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your GPS tracker is charged.

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Theft Prevention

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If your vehicle is ever stolen, you need to act fast. Having a GPS connected is a fantastic way to cooperate with local authorities to retrieve your vehicle: but an even better option is to remotely cut fuel and power to the vehicle.

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While this is obviously beyond the range of a portable GPS, wired GPS trackers such as the Jimi Hardwired GPS Tracker can not only cut fuel and power, they have a built-in safety to keep this from happening at higher speeds: dramatically reducing the chance of causing an accident.

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If your GPS tracker is going to spend its life exposed to the elements, you’ll want something that can stand up to rough conditions, such as the IP67 waterproof Heavy Duty 3G GPS Tracker (IP ratings describe how resistant something is. For a more detailed description see here: for our purposes, just know that higher = better).

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Horse trailers, boats, and your daily driver are regularly subjected to dust and moisture: so if you plan on putting your GPS tracker through that kind of situation, be sure to get one that can take the pressure.

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Personal Alarm

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If you’re looking for a GPS tracker for use with a loved one, such as elderly parents or a young child, then it’s worth considering something with additional features more in line with a personal alarm.

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The 4G Ultra Slim GPS Tracker is a good example: it not only has geofencing and 4G tracking but it’s also equipped with an easy-access SOS button in case of emergencies.

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Without further ado, let’s look at the best GPS trackers

Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicle

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A battery-powered, compact, real-time GPS tracker that discreetly tracks virtually anything, including people, vehicles, or valuables of any size.

Arccos Golf 360

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Arccos seamlessly captures thousands of data points during every round you play and provides unequaled insights about how far to hit each shot, the most precise yardage to any point on the course, which club to use in every situation, and what skills to practice.

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In fact, Arccos users improve by 4.2 strokes in the first year, some in as few as 5 rounds. And with Arccos you are 5.5x more likely to get a hole-in-one!

Amcrest GPS Tracker

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Amcrest offers basic tracker functionality and a battery life that lasts you 10 to 14 days, pretty much like Spy Tec’s obviously. Like most of its competitors, Amcrest AM GL300 v3 allows you to set geofences and speed limits, share your location with loved ones, and press an SOS button when in an emergency. One unique feature, though, is that the device has multiple power options to help give you flexibility when charging it to increase battery life further.

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However, there have been complaints about difficulties activating the device and its passcode. The passcode fails to connect to a network, and the device then has to undergo multiple restarts before working. Protection of this device from weather and environmental conditions also comes in a separate package. There are no attachment accessories included in your Amcrest purchase. You will have to buy their leather case or magnetic case separately; otherwise, you’ll have to stick with slipping the tracker inside a pocket or bag, or compartment.

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker.

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GPS Tracker for vehicles, people, assets. The new version of the famous GL300. As a welcome, Gps tracker. Compact and small. Use it for nearly every tracking purpose: Vehicles, assets, circle of relatives, staff, and the like. Simple to hold in vehicles, pockets, backpacks, cases, and boxes. Rechargeable battery. This is the longest battery life version with extended multicarrier coverage.

Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Assets

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Rugged and dependable for tracking assets indoor, outdoor, and in the field. Set up invisible fences around your Trak4. Receive email and SMS/text alerts when your Trak4 crosses a fence. Know where your people and things are in real-time. Knowledge is power.

Spot Trace

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SPOT Trace offers advanced tracking for anything. Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move or follow them on SPOT Mapping in near real-time from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

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Because SPOT Trace uses 100% satellite technology, it can communicate anytime from some of the most remote locations around the world

Accutracking VTPlug TK373 3G

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When it comes to the price of this GPS tracking device comes at an affordable price in the market. It works not a contract type. If you are buying this GPS tracking device, then you don’t want to pay any of the activations and also cancellation fees to the service.

Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS Tracker

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The Mobile-200 GPS tracker is a great tracker for cars and assets. It’s easy to use and has a long battery life (2-3 weeks between charges). Track from your iOS or Android device or any web browser. Get real-time tracking alerts if the tracker enters or exits an area. The tracker updates its location every 30 seconds.

Trackimo GPS Tracking Device

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GPS short for Global Positioning System is a linked system of navigational satellites and ground stations used to pinpoint your location anywhere on Earth. Requiring unobstructed sightlines and at least four satellites, GPS Tracking can calculate the exact location in space and time of a GPS receiver — like the one in your phone. While GPS was designed for navigation, it is now part of nearly every aspect of life.

Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger

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SPOT Gen3 gives you a critical, life-saving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of cell service. SPOT Gen3 lets family and friends know you’re okay, or if the worst should happen, sends emergency responders your GPS location — all with the push of a button.

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Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential gear and stay connected wherever you roam. Long Live Adventure!


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We have come to the end of this review, having your car stolen is sometimes inevitable, but with these GPS trackers, finding your stolen car, or items has never been easier. There is nothing to lose getting any of these trackers, rather you have a lot to gain.