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2y3k » Best Ice-cream Makers of 2023

Best Ice-cream Makers of 2023

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If you are interested in getting the best ice cream maker, then you are at the right place. Read through, to discover the best ice-cream makers out there.


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Ease of Use

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One of the biggest differentiating factors between different types and models of ice cream makers is how easy they make the process of making homemade ice cream. There’s a good reason some people are willing to pay more than twice as much for compressor ice cream makers than other types — they do most of the work for you.

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The main factor that determines the ease of use for an ice cream maker is clear whether or not it’s a compressor-style machine, but there are a few things that can add to ease of use besides. For electric frozen bowl models, a machine that comes with an extra bowl or one that freezes more quickly than others makes it easier to be prepared when you want to start making ice cream.

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For ice and salt ice cream makers, a motor makes a big difference in how much work making ice cream is.

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Among the available compressor ice cream makers, there are several features that can contribute to ease of use. Intuitive digital displays make it easier to figure out how to work the machine and get the settings just where you want them.

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A bowl that’s light and easy to lift out of the machine makes transferring your ice cream to a bowl when it’s done easier.

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There’s a sizeable gulf between the cost of simple ice cream makers and high-end compressor-style machines. On the low end, you can get an old-fashioned ice cream maker for as little as $30, but you should be prepared to do the extra work involved in making homemade ice cream with this type of device.

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On the high end, for the most committed of homemade ice cream connoisseurs, a machine like the Lello Musso Lussino costs over $700.

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Most homemade ice cream lovers will be happy with a device that falls somewhere in the middle. If you want to find something under $100, you have plenty of options in the ice/salt and frozen bowl categories.

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If you’re prepared to pay more for faster, easier ice cream preparation, you can find compressor ice cream makers for closer to $200 than the hefty price tag of the high-end machines.

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The main trade-offs for spending less are speed and convenience, but some people may find the consistency of the ice cream produced by compressor models superior as well.

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Capacity / Quarts

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If you’ll be making homemade ice cream for a big family or want to have the option of providing for a large party you host from time to time, then buying a machine with a large capacity is crucial — especially if you go with one of the types of ice cream makers that require a long process.

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If you have to freeze your bowl a whole day early, you won’t be able to quickly whip up a second batch if you don’t have enough ice cream for everyone at a party.

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Conveniently , some of the ice cream makers that are the slowest to use tend to offer a higher capacity. Ice and salt machines are more likely to come in sizes of 2, 3, or 4 quarts, while compressor models are often quite a bit smaller (but you can make a second batch the same day).

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Have an idea of how much ice cream you’ll want to make at a time before selecting your model, so you can be sure to always have enough.

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Texture and Consistency

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For some consumers, this will be the most important consideration on the list (although the hardest to test for before buying). The flavor of the ice cream you make will largely depend on the ingredients you use, but the texture will have a lot to do with how the ice cream maker works.

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Some of the really high-end models sell for so much in part because they make especially smooth or creamy ice cream that simply can’t be beaten. And compressor ice cream makers are known, in general, for producing smoother ice cream than the other types.

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Ice/salt and electric frozen bowl machines will sometimes allow you some extra control over the texture of your ice cream by offering different options for dasher speed. Slower speeds produce thicker ice cream, while faster speeds make the ice cream lighter and thinner. Faster speeds also help keep ice crystals from building up, which can produce an improved texture.

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In addition to considering the speed that the appliance will mix your ice cream at, you should also consider how long you’re typically willing to wait for something you’re working on to be ready. If you want to be able to have ice cream the same day you decide to make it, then you’ll need to go with a compressor ice cream maker.

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All other ice cream makers require some lead time between deciding to make it and being able to eat your tasty concoction. If you’re a planner and don’t mind having to think ahead, then the savings for these types of ice cream makers are probably worth it.

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For compressor ice cream machines, the speed at which they make the dessert is often listed as a selling point. If it’s important to you, check the product’s marketing and user reviews to see how long they say it will take to make a batch.

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Ease of Cleaning

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Every kitchen appliance you use to make food has to be cleaned after each use. And ice cream makers are, of course, no exception.

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If you know clean-up is one of your least favorite chores, then you should consider what will be involved in the clean-up for the model you’re thinking of buying.

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Compressor models that have a removable bowl will be easier to clean than those that have a permanently installed one, and smaller ice cream makers will often make the job easier than bigger ones (although then you’re trading off capacity).

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Reviews are probably the best resource you have for getting a head’s up on how difficult a particular ice cream maker will be to clean.

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Any appliance with an electric motor should be expected to make noise. Some are definitely bigger offenders than others in this regard though. If you’re sensitive to loud appliances, then this is another factor where you’ll likely be best served checking the reviews before buying. Many customers are quick to mention how loud an ice cream maker is (or isn’t) in their reviews to help other buyers make a more informed decision.

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For some consumers, aesthetics matter far less than functionality. But if you’re someone who also wants your appliances to look good, then you should take some time to browse your options to consider which ones you like the look of. If an ice cream maker is beautiful and fits in with the style of your kitchen, you’ll never have to worry about considering it an eyesore on the kitchen counter.

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Features and Extras:

  • Extra Frozen Bowl — Some frozen bowl ice cream makers come with an extra frozen bowl or sell additional ones. This can make a big difference in how easy it is to start making ice cream each time you’re ready for a new batch.
  • Ready Bell — A ready bell lets you know the moment your ice cream is done.
  • Stay Cool Function — To save you the trouble of having to eat or transfer your ice cream right away when it’s done, a stay-cool function gives you the leeway to take your time.
  • Hardness Options — Different settings make it possible for you to choose your preferred thickness for the ice cream.
  • Cool Down Function — Compressor models that have a cool-down function allow you to get started making

Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

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The Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker #ICE-30 BC churned out thick, delicious vanilla ice cream and smooth, flavorful peach sorbet in GHRI tests. The manual includes plenty of recipes for a range of frozen concoctions — a nice plus.

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The machine itself is made of stainless steel with a double-walled container that needs to be chilled in the freezer for at least 6 hours before use (which means no back-to-back batches, unfortunately). We found it simple to assemble and use, and particularly appreciated the opening in the lid for adding mix-ins and built-in cord storage.

Ice Cream Maker Attachment

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The KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment makes delicious ice cream, but it doesn’t deliver the consistent results of a standard ice cream maker.

Ice Cream Maker WHYNTER

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The Whynter ICM-200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker is a 2.1-quart domestic ice cream maker with a self-refrigerating compressor. It has an impressive 1400 ml (1.48 quarts) maximum capacity, producing about 1600 ml (1.69 quarts) of ice cream with 14% overrun, an optimum capacity of 1000 ml (1.06 quarts), producing about 1100 ml (1.16 quarts) of ice cream with 10% overrun, and produces excellent ice cream that is extremely smooth, dense, and creamy.

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This will be a comprehensive and impartial review of my experience with the Whynter ICM-200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker

Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Breville

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The Smart Scoop is an ice cream maker with a compressor. Not sure what this means? Then I’ll explain. There are 3 types of ice cream machines and what makes each one different from the other, is the way they freeze the ice cream.

Manual Ice Cream Maker donvier

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Make your homemade ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt & frozen drinks with the Donvier Ice Cream Maker. Just put the patented Chillfast cylinder in the freezer overnight and then add your desired ingredients and use the handle occasionally. No ice, salt, or electricity is required.

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Try making your flavors or use the recipes included in the directions. Have fun with friends and family with the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean ice cream maker!

Ice Cream Maker zoku

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The Zoku Ice Cream Maker with Make and Serve Bowl is an excellent single-serve ice cream machine that can easily serve up delicious bowls of ice cream at home or on the go. The Zoku Ice Cream Maker is one of the top options to choose from.

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The engineers of this ice cream maker have placed quality at the forefront. From the ice cream to the surface design, this is a unique option that will surely please everyone in the room. The ice cream maker comes in a variety of colors, allowing people to tailor the color of the futuristic design to meet their needs.

Softshell Ice Cream Ball

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Just add natural ingredients that are as simple as cream, sugar, and vanilla in one end then add ice and rock salt in the other end. The softshell exterior makes it fun to shake, roll, and play your way to a quart of delicious ice cream in about 30 minutes.

Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker

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Ice cream in an instant! Always have the tools for making delicious frozen concoctions at hand with the Sweet Spot. Stick it in the freezer, pick out a recipe and enjoy a variety of goodies from ice cream to sorbet, frozen yogurt, margaritas, and more! Plus, the included matching bowls and cups let you share the fun and make any day an opportunity for an ice cream social.

Fruit Soft Serve Maker yonanas

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The Yonanas soft serve machine, made by the world’s largest fruit and vegetables producer, Dole, is a crossover between a blender and an ice cream maker. Using frozen bananas as the creamy base, it blends up any fruit you throw at it and promises rich, soft serve-like frozen treats. Unlike conventional ice cream makers, the Yonanas don’t require the addition of any dairy products, making them suitable for different dietary needs.


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We have come to the end of this review, as ice-cream lovers, it is always best you make you homemade ice-cream, these ice-cream makers can do that for you, you should try one of them out, you’ll be pleased with the results they give.

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