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2y3k » Best Paper Folding Machines of 2023

Best Paper Folding Machines of 2023

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Paper folding machines are essential for every day to day business, getting the right paper folding machines should be a top priority. We have researched the best paper folding machines, and we were able to come up with a few, read through this post to find out the best paper folding machines.

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It can be connected to a laptop . Also inside the paper folding machines, some parts as round as a soccer ball helps in easy folding of the paper.


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Paper Size:

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This tends to be an easy decision. If you only fold A4 paper, then every paper folding machine is suitable on that basis. Any A3 paper folding machine will be able to fold A4 paper too in a variety of ways.

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Please make sure that you choose a paper folding machine that is suitable for the work you are doing. Our adverts state a “designed for / recommended usage”, so make sure you keep these in mind. The most common difficulty paper folding machine customers have is that they have purchased a machine that is too small for their requirements.

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Please make sure that you choose a paper folding machine that is suitable for the work you are doing. Our adverts state a “designed for / recommended usage”, so make sure you keep these in mind.

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The most common difficulty paper folding machine customers have is that they have purchased a machine that is too small for the volumes that they wish to fold.

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Paper Thickness / Coating:

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Please make sure you select a machine that can handle the weight of paper that you’re using. Paperweights quoted are based on non-coated paper, so if you’re using glossy or coated paper firstly make sure you select a paper folder with speed control.

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Also, reduce the advertised thickness by 30gsm for a light coating or 50gsm for a heavy coating. If in doubt, please contact us. We are more than happy to do test runs for you if you would like to send us samples of the paper you wish to use.

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The number of Feed Tyres (not applicable to high end, air feed paper folding machines):

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These are like the tires/wheels on a printer, just like a laminating machine , but in the instance of a folding machine, the paper has already been processed.

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As the paper is pulled into the machine it resists being pulled and tries to twist (screw). The more feeder tires that there are and the wider they are the better. These are the tires that initially pull the paper into the machine. This helps the initial pickup of the paper as well as stopping the paper from twisting, which can cause a variety of problems.

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Fold types: Please make sure that you choose a paper folding machine that will be able to do the type of fold you require. Our adverts show pictures of the fold type that a model can do, making this one of the easiest choices when buying your letter folding machine.

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Sheets Per Hour / Per Minute:

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This is the maximum speed at which the letter folding machine will run the paper through. This figure is based on the paper folding machine industry-standard of 70gsm paper, folded into 3 for a DL size envelope. These figures do not consider any downtime such as reloading the paper feeder.

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Presets: Regular jobs can easily be preset on your folder inserter to save time when changing applications. Presets are easy to assign, although your first preset will be set up by the installing engineer when your machine is installed.

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Feed Tray Capacity Hopper:

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The number of sheets of flat 70gsm paper the paper folding machine will hold in its paper feed tray (also known as a hopper).

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Automatic / Manual:

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An automatic paper folding machine pulls sheets of paper from the feed tray, one after the other “automatically”. All but the smallest hand-fed paper folders feed “automatically”.

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Cross fold:

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This is a process where the paper is folded twice, NOT in the same direction. For example, A3 down to A4, then across to A5 size. Only a limited number of machines can produce this type of fold and doing so can limit the options on paper you use.

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Multiple Sheets Hand-feed Only:

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This is also known as a manual bypass. Unlike dust extractors , Some paper folding machines allow the operator to insert stapled and non-stapled sets of paper into the folding machine paper feeder by hand. Please note that the smallest folding machine capable of this is the Martin Yale 7200.

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However, the manual bypass on this letter folder does not have a side guide that can create regular “skewing” of the paper. If a quality manual bypass facility is important to your application, we recommend looking at machines from the Martin Yale 1611 upwards.

Martin Yale P7200 Rapid Letter/Paper Folder

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The Martin Yale Rapid fold P7200 is a great choice for your low-volume folding needs. The Rapid fold is easy to set up and provides quality results in only seconds. Its compact design and uniquely designed catch tray make this folder easy to carry from desk to desk, office to office. The Rapid fold can fold your choice of the four most popular types of folds. The Rapid fold is great for use in the home, small office, or school.

Sparco Tabletop Folding Machine

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The Sparco SPR18726 is a quality Electric paper folding machine for offices with low mailing. It handles up to five 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets at one time and offers a letter-fold only. This tabletop letter folder includes a paper guide for paper-loading accuracy as well as a manual feed.

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If your office performs low-volume letter-style folds the Sparco Tabletop Folding Machine is a great buy. This smaller-profile automatic letter folding machine requires minimal desktop space and performs only one task — folding letter-size papers to fit in an envelope. The Sparco SPR18726 measures 14″ x 6″ x 14″ weigh under 2 pounds, and it can be stored in a supply closet to keep it out of sight.

Martin Yale P6200 Automatic Desktop Folder

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Perfect for small jobs, small businesses, home offices, churches, or associations. Perfect for storing right on the desk.

Martin Yale 1611 AutoFolder

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Simplify your paper folding operations by using the new Martin Yale 1611 Ease-of-Use AutoFolder. This compact paper folding machine is perfect for use in mailrooms, offices, churches, and other locations where paper folding is done on a daily basis.

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This model replaces Martin Yale 1601. This machine can be used with paper up to 8.5″ x 14″ and can easily create Z folds, C folds, V folds, and much more. The feed tray can hold up to 150 sheets of paper at a time and a bypass slot allows you to manually feed up to 5 sheets of stapled paper for multi-sheet folding.

MBM 98M FO0600 Manual Tabletop Paper Folder

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The MBM 98M Manual Tabletop Paper Folder is a friction feed folder featuring a digital control panel and push-button operation.

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The 98M is the new and improved model of the 93M. New features include Test Mode, a lock plate to separate the rollers to prevent them from deformation, and there’s no longer a need to reverse the second folding plate when performing a double fold job. With its compact size (the feed table and exit tray fold in for storage) you can use and move the 98M with ease.

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Simple, push-button operation featuring a digital control panel. Programmable counter with batch and total functions. Color-coded fold plate graphics for quick and easy set-up. Powered exit conveyor. Exit tray extension for neat stacking of folded sheets. Automatic stop when the last sheet is folded.

Formax FD 300 Document Folder

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The FD 300 Office Desktop Folder provides an economical solution for low-volume folding projects.
This compact folder processes 11″ and 14″ paper at speeds up to 7,400 sheets per hour, and is pre-marked for four popular folds: C, Z, Half, and Double Parallel.

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User-friendly features include an LCD control panel with a 3-digit resettable counter, AutoBatch for processing sets of documents, and an output conveyor with easily adjustable stacker wheels for neat sequential stacking of folded pieces.

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Clearly marked fold settings and out-of-the-box operation make this folder ideal for churches, schools and small offices that demand quick and easy set-up with minimal adjustment.

Dynafold DE-380 Commercial Grade Digital Paper Folder

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The Automatic folder Model 380 from Dynafold, features push-button settings that allow anyone to use the paper folder. Just by pushing a button, the user can fold the piece without set-up
or training.

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The Model 380 Dynafold Folder is self-adjusting for paper thickness and eliminates the need for fanning paper, and with its enclosed plates, it is quiet and adapts to every office environment.
Every possible feature has been added to our New DE-380 paper Folder, and with the new improved feeding system, it is truly a state of the art paper folding machine

Martin Yale MK7000A

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Martin Yale MK7000A — Mark VII AirFeed Pro Series Paper Folding Machine. Ideal for larger offices, print shops, and associations with high-demand folding projects.

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Martin Yale Mark VII is a premium folding machine that is capable of folding up to 35,000 sheets per hour, with a feed table capacity of 300 sheets. Removable cartridges allow for perforation and scoring.

Intimus A00715611

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The Intimus A00715611 TSi 2.5 Office Tabletop Folder: Envelope Inserter is a convenient solution for folding and inserting your mail. With Intimus TSi 2.5, you don’t need to prepare your mail by hand because this folder would do it for you. The Intimus can be operated manually as well as automatically. The Intimus TSi can be installed on a desk so it is near-at-hand.

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Its control touch screen makes the Intimus TSi 2.5 very convenient and easy to use. It allows you to store up to 15 programmable jobs into its memory and folds up to 14-inch documents with a folding capacity of up to 5 sheets. This paper folder/inserter has a speed of up to 1350 envelopes per hour coupled with a 100-sheet feeder capacity. Bring home the Intimus A00715611 TSi 2.5 Office Tabletop Folder: Envelope Inserter to maximize your output.

United Office Products F100 Automatic Paper Folding Machine

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This compact unit is clearly marked for 4 common fold settings and processes up to 156 sheets per minute in 11″ and 14″ paper sizes.

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The LCD control panel features a resettable 3-digit counter with a batch setting to process a specific number of sheets. This ensures easy unloading. The output conveyor features easily adjustable stacker wheels for sequential, neat stacking of folded pieces.


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If you went through this guide, and are interested in getting a paper folding machine, you might have seen one that caught your attention. These paper folding machines reviewed in this post are reliable and sturdy. You have nothing to lose going for them.