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2y3k » Best Power Banks Of of 2023

Best Power Banks Of of 2023

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If you are in search of a reliable power bank, then you are at the right place. There are so many substandard power banks out there, and if you don’t know, you might get one that will end you in regret. We know this, that is why we have compiled this post to show you reliable power banks you can choose from and will give you the value of your money.

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A battery charger, or recharger, is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it . The charging protocol depends on the size and type of the battery being charged

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Power banks are also used for providing portable power to charge battery-powered items like mobile phones and other similar items that have a USB interface: they can charge via USB, etc, or wirelessly.

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Power banks are commonplace and with our increasing use of battery-powered equipment: everything from mobile phones to battery-powered headphones, portable speakers, MP3 players can be charged via a power bank. They are effectively portable chargers. All they need is a USB charging interface.

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Power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and suit many different people and their needs.

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In recent years, the use of power banks has risen significantly as they provide a very convenient and easy method of charging smartphones and other devices when away from mains power. Wireless charging power banks have also been introduced for those devices that can be charged wirelessly.

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There are a few different types of power bank portable chargers that can be bought. Obviously, size is one of the main criteria, but some other categories can be considered.

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The main types of USB power banks include the following:

  • Universal or standard power bank: These are the normal power bank portable chargers that are available in the stores and online. They are charged from normal USB sources like USB chargers.

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These power banks are normally charged from a standard USB charger and there is some indication on the power bank as to its state of charge. This may be a row of small LED lamps or a simple alphanumeric display that indicates the charge level as a percentage of full charge. Typically a micro USB connector is used as the power in connection.

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Once fully charged the power bank can be used to charge other devices. There may be one or more Type A USB sockets (dependent upon the particular power bank) that can deliver charge to the devices needing charging.

  • Solar power bank: As the name indicates, these solar power banks can use sunlight to charge up. To do this they have photovoltaic panels. These are really only able to trickle-charge the internal battery when placed in sunlight because the solar cells are relatively small, but this can be a very useful function, but really only in very sunny or bright conditions.
  • Wireless power bank: With many gadgets like phones, ear-pods, and the like now having the capability to be charged wirelessly , this concept has been adopted by the power bank industry.

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It is possible to obtain power banks that are themselves charged from a standard USB source, but they can charge phones and other wireless charging compatible electronic devices wirelessly.

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How many times can a Power Bank charge my device?

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This comes down to the capacity of your device and the power bank/portable charger. A power bank is measured by its capacity, which is rated in mAh (milli Ampere hour.) Generally, the higher the mAh rating of your power bank or portable charger, the more power it will have to recharge your devices. A good rule of thumb is to look at the mAh rating of the devices you want to charge, and purchase a power bank that has an equal rating (preferably higher).

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For example, the iPhone 6 has an 1810 mAh rated battery. Anker Astro E1 has a mAh capacity of 5200. This would safely charge your phone back to 100% battery. However it is not an exact science, there are factors to consider such as the power bank’s efficiency rating and the condition of the battery in the device you are charging


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we’re going to be looking at how to choose the perfect power bank or portable charger for you. That involves looking at several different areas: capacity, charging speed, connectivity, and features. I hope you’ll find this useful whenever you’re considering a portable charger for your smartphone, tablet, Switch, or other USB devices. That’s enough preamble, so let’s get started!

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Capacity is pretty straightforward: the higher the number of milliampere-hours (mAh) that you see, the longer you can use the portable charger before it needs to be recharged itself. Typically, smaller power banks have a capacity of around 1,000mAh, medium-size units about 3,000 to 5,000mAh, and larger units can reach 10,000 or even 20,000mah!

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To give context to these numbers, consider that an average smartphone has a battery capacity of about 3,000mAh. Charging isn’t perfectly efficient, as some power is lost over the course of the transmission, but you can still get an approximate idea of how many times you can recharge your phone by comparing its capacity to the size of your power bank — for example, a 10,000mAh power bank will recharge most smartphones three times over.

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Charging speed

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Charging speeds are another way that power banks can be differentiated. Basic models may charge at 1A, while more advanced power banks could provide 2A or more. The faster the charging rate, the less time you’ll need to spend plugged into the portable charger. As the size of your device’s battery increases, choosing a fast-charging power bank becomes increasingly important — you don’t want to wait all day to reach 100%!

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Some portable chargers also support rapid charging features, like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, to provide extremely fast charging on supported smartphones. If your phone supports fast charging from its AC adapter , it’s worth looking for a power bank that will provide that same rapid recharge!

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Most power banks will come with a single full-size USB port, which you can then connect to an appropriate cable to recharge your smartphone. However, others might have multiple full-size USB or USB-C ports, while others still might come with only a fixed cable of a certain type. It’s important to check that each power bank you consider will actually plug into your phone successfully, so pay attention to this area.

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While recharging mobile devices is the obvious feature that defines portable chargers as a category, they can have other abilities too. For example, some larger portable chargers will have a built-in LED to be used as a torch. Others heat up at the press of a button, keeping your hands warm in cold climates.

Anker PowerCore 20.100 mAh

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Pocket-friendly backup batteries are great, but sometimes you need more power or more ports than can fit in a wallet size form factor. The Anker PowerCore+ 201000 USB-C ($65.99) isn’t exactly pocketable, but it’s a little more travel-friendly than some of the bigger bricks out there. It offers 20,100mAh of power and multiple ports for charging up to three devices at once. But unlike our Editors’ Choice, the iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro doesn’t support fast or pass-through charging.

Poweradd Pilot X7 20000 mAh

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The power capacity of the PowerAdd Pilot X7 starts at 20,000mAh and that can change quite drastically because the power bank doesn’t make use of any special batteries. After all, it uses the common Grade A+ Lithium Polymer batteries, and then there are inefficiencies when the power goes through a charging cable as well.

EC Technology Powerbank

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The EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank is the first piece of kit we’ve had the chance to review from this manufacturer — and it doesn’t disappoint! Hailing from Texas USA, EC Technology has certainly managed to cram a whole lot of power into this portable charger. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, 22400mAh is good enough to recharge an iPhone eight times!

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One of our favorite features of the EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank is it comes with three separate USB output ports. For heavy users with multiple devices, this means you can simultaneously charge your electronics when you can’t get to a wall socket. This would be the perfect device for a long-haul flight or a road trip.

Anker PowerCore 5,000 mAh power bank

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Anker PowerCore 5000 was an excellent portable charger when it was released. However, for 2023, it is too large, too heavy, and has less battery capacity for its weight and size. Instead, if you want a small, light portable charger, we recommend the excellent Anker PowerCore II 6700 or RAVPower 6700 — which are lighter, smaller, and better designed than PowerCore 5000 and also have 34% more battery capacity. PowerCore 5000 is sometimes available at highly discounted prices in some colors and you can check out its current price as sometimes it may be a better deal than PowerCore II 6700 / RAVPower 6700.

Poweradd Pilot 4GS

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The PowerAdd Pilot 4GS 12000 mAh is elegant, powerful, fast, and features two 3 Amp USB ports and a Lightning port, which makes it compatible with Apple devices.

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Nowadays, medium-capacity power banks are becoming the most sought option because they offer both the longevity of power that users are striving for and are also well-designed to ensure great portability. This is an accurate description of what the power and Pilot 4GS 12000 mAh has to offer. Featuring a capacity of 12000 mAh, two 3 Amp USB ports, and an additional Lightning port, it comes in handy for keeping a variety of devices juiced up. If you happen to own an iPhone or another device from Apple and you’re looking for a solid power bank to extend their battery life, pay close attention to this review as this might be the perfect fit for you.

EasyAcc 20,000 mAh

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The EasyAcc Monster PowerBank 20000mAh can charge 100% of its capacity in 6 hours. A perfect companion to power up all of your mobile devices on the go. The EasyAcc Monster PowerBank 20000mAh is an extremely impressive bit of kit. One feature that really sets it apart is its dual 4A input ports, which means you can charge the unit to 100% in 6 hours — a notable achievement for a 20000mAh unit! With slick looks and solid construction, this is a portable charger well worth taking note of.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Powerbank

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Exquisite surface design, made of high-quality durable aviation aluminum, compact size, lightweight and portable for pockets.

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The fastest charging time with upgraded 2.4A and 1.0A output ports-3.4A in total and 10000mAh high capacity, and a 5V/2A quick input. Capable of charging an iPhone S6 four times, a large capacity smartphone like Galaxy S6 2.5 times, or an iPad almost twice.

Charmast Powerbank

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The Charmast power bank is the size of a credit card, and it features a 10400mAh capacity and 3 output ports, making it extremely powerful and highly compatible.


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We have come to the end of this review, if you read through, you must have seen a power bank you love, you should get it for yourself, and have longer battery life on your mobile device.