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Best Steam Iron of 2023

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If you are here, looking for the best steam irons, you are at the right place, so read through carefully, as we would show you the best steam irons out there.

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A popular saying goes like this “you are addressed the way you are dressed”, and one significant way our appearance shows, is the way you iron your clothes. A well-ironed clothe looks crisp and wrinkle-free, You can’t achieve this without a good iron.

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A clothes iron (also flatiron or smoothing iron) is a small appliance that, when heated, is used to press clothes to remove creases and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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Domestic irons generally range in operating temperature from between 250 °F (121 °C) to 360 °F (182 °C). It is named for the metal (iron) of which the device was historically made, and the use of it is generally called ironing.

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Ironing works by loosening the ties between the long chains of molecules that exist in polymer fiber materials. With the heat and the weight of the ironing plate, the fibers are stretched and the fabric maintains its new shape when cool.

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Some materials, such as cotton, require the use of water to loosen the intermolecular bonds.

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Hot, steamy iron with a good sole plate can work wonders on rumpled garments. Many new irons are easier to use and release enough steam to smooth dry cotton and linen.

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Electric irons remove wrinkles from your clothes giving you a clean and inviting look. When buying a pressing iron, you have two types to choose from: the traditional dry iron or steam iron. While steam irons offer faster and more brilliant results, dry irons are cheaper and more power-efficient.

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Steam irons use super-heated water to remove wrinkles from clothes. They are faster and offer superior results. You pour distilled water into the built-in tank. The water is heated to steam by the heating elements within the iron. Steam loosens the fabric making ironing easier and faster.

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Steam irons produce great results with jeans, suits, curtains, and other tough fabrics. The only downside to steam irons is that they usually require more power with most steam irons requiring at least 1,600 watts and some demanding up to 2,500 watts. This could be a problem if you live in Nigeria where the public power supply is not reliable and generators are an essential part of the lifestyle.

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This is where the dry iron comes in. Dry irons are more generator-friendly since some require 1,000 watts or even lower. With a dry iron rated 1,000w or 1,100w your small 2.2KVA generator can comfortably power your iron, ensuring you look smart, NEPA or no NEPA.

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However, this post is focused on steamed irons alone.

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Irons vary by sole-plate material, size, weight, and features. All tested irons removed wrinkles, but some produced more steam, making the job faster, and have a sole-plate that glides more easily. The best gliding sole-plates are often stainless steel or ceramic. Here are the types of steam irons to consider.

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Conventional Steam Irons

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These allow small amounts of hot steam to be applied to the fabric when ironing, making creases disappear faster. Features once found on pricier irons only are now standard on less expensive irons. Most new irons can be used with tap water, thanks to anti-calcium valves or resin filters.

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Steam Ironing Systems

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An iron allows you to apply a constant flow of high-pressure steam . A system takes up a lot more space than a conventional iron and can be placed on a chair or a rack at the end of the ironing board. These systems take longer to heat up and some don’t automatically turn off if you leave them unattended—the same is true for some irons.

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The steam production speeds up ironing and can easily remove wrinkles from even dry linen. The systems usually lack a spray function, but that’s irrelevant if the steam flow is high enough. Past tests found systems that scored excellent overall in our tests. Currently, there are none in our ratings.

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Cordless Irons

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These resemble conventional steam irons but do not have a power cord. While more maneuverable, the models we’ve tested have been unimpressive and no longer appear in our steam iron ratings (available to subscribers).

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Features that were once only on pricier irons are now standard on less expensive models. Consider these features.

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Auto Shut-Off

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Most new irons have this feature. It turns off the power if the iron is motionless for several seconds or minutes, whether laid flat or propped up. Some irons will also shut off when left on their side. Auto shutoff can prevent a fire, but stored heat can still scorch fabric if the iron is left face down.

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Burst-of-Steam or Surge Button

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Delivers an extra blast of steam to subdue stubborn wrinkles, especially handy if you often press linen or heavy fabrics such as denim.

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Convenient Controls

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The list of fabric settings should be easy to see. Temperature control that’s clearly marked and easily accessible , preferably on the front of the handle, is a plus. Most irons have an indicator light to show that the power is on.

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Retractable cord

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It can keep the cord out of the way when you’re using the iron or when storing it, but make sure the cord doesn’t whip when it retracts.

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Self-Cleaning System

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Flushes mineral deposits from vents, but not always effective with prolonged use or with very hard water. Try the burst-of-steam feature to clean vents.

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Steam Gauge or Adjustable Steam

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Adjust the amount of steam or shut the steam off, as needed. An anti-drip feature, found on most irons, is designed to prevent leaks when you steam at lower settings.

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Transparent Water Reservoir

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Some reservoirs are a small, vertical tube; others are a large chamber under the handle. A transparent chamber makes it easy to see the water level. Check that the water tank is marked with the water level.

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Vertical Steaming

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Use the iron in an upright position to remove wrinkles from hanging garments and freshen drapes.

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Water Fill-Hole Cover

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A hinged or sliding cover over the water-fill hole is supposed to prevent leaking, but it doesn’t always work.


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Steam and heat are important for banishing wrinkles. And while any of the irons tested will remove wrinkles, eventually, irons that produce little steam take longer to get the job done. You’ll see steaming-rate scores in our ratings, along with scores for ironing quality and ease of use.

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Choose from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ceramic, and nonstick . The best gliders are often stainless steel or ceramic—our tests found that nonstick sole plates didn’t glide as well.

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Tank capacity

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In our top 10 steam irons, this number varies from 0.27-0.4 liters, whereas the tanks on steam generators are much bigger (those in our round-up range from 1.2-2.2l). Your choice will depend on the size of your ironing pile and some personal preferences, including the size of the opening for refilling and whether you need to see the water level through the tank.

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Irons have dials, slides, or digital controls. Make sure the controls are easy to see and adjust and that fabric settings are clearly marked.

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Even an iron that’s excellent at ironing may feel heavy or awkward in your hand, so hold it before you buy.

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Maintaining Your Iron

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Clean the Surface Occasionally

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To remove residue, clean the iron’s sole plate—following the manufacturer’s instructions—and especially if you use starch.

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Minimize Leaking

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Leaking can occur when you press at lower temperatures. To prevent dribbles, press delicate fabrics first and before you add water. After ironing items requiring steam, empty the water. This reduces drips the next time and the heat can evaporate remaining moisture. It can also reduce mineral deposits on the sole plate.

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Use Tap Water

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Nearly all irons work fine with tap water unless your water is very hard. Your manual will indicate what’s best.

Touchscreen Iron

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Introducing CHI^®^ irons— the only irons developed using the same titanium-infused ceramic soleplate technology that powers the flagship CHI G2 Flat Iron for hair.

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Designed with a sleek look and engineered for high performance, the CHI Touchscreen Iron Iron is the perfect balance of style and function.

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CHI Irons are the only irons designed using our CHI flat iron technology. Achieve the same trusted results for your wardrobe as you expect for your hair.

Vitessa Iron

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BLACK+DECKER, the #1 brand in irons*, is speeding up garment care with the Vitessa™ Advanced Steam Iron. The Even Steam TrueGlide™ Nonstick Soleplate design produces more consistent steam flow from heel to tip** for fast, professional results. SmartSteam™ Technology combines steam and temperature controls into one easy-to-use dial.

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The convenient cord reel unwinds and retracts in no time for easy use and storage. Plus, this iron delivers powerful bursts of steam to aggressively take out wrinkles, and can even be used vertically to quickly touch-up clothes on the hanger.

ExtremeSteam Pro Iron

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The Conair ExtremeSteam Pro Steam Iron comes with a nano titanium soleplate with smooth glide. This 1875-watt iron features vertical steam function with steam burst, steam dial, temperature control dial, pointed tip for getting into corners and navigating around buttons, and anti-calc, anti-drip, self-clean and auto off function.

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With the help of the Conair Extreme Steam Iron, the wrinkles can be easily removed from the garment. Also, even for the thicker fabrics, the wrinkles can be easily removed with the help of steam.

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Also, you will be able to iron clothes quite swiftly once it is subjected to steam. This is one of the major reasons why steam irons are gaining more and more popularity.

Versa Glide Cordless/Corded Iron

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The Sunbeam^®^ Versa Glide™ Iron is a hybrid iron that gives you the flexibility of corded or cordless ironing at the flip of a switch.

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With features like a leak-free system, smooth stainless steel soleplate, 1,500 watts of power, and set temperature reheating when placed on its base, the Versa Glide™ Iron makes ironing easy and smooth.

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Rest assured, for your safety, the Iron has a 3-Way Motion Smart^®^ Auto-off.

Reliable Ovo Portable Steam Iron

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Meet the mini multi-tasker. It’s a travel iron. It’s a portable steamer. It’s both! But don’t be fooled by its charm. This portable powerhouse travels light and takes out wrinkles without taking up space.

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Can a travel-size gizmo take the creases out of your work clothes on the go? That’s what the Reliable company says its Reliable Ovo 150GT will do for you.

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The egg-shaped device is both a tiny electric iron and a portable garment steamer. Just toss the Ovo into your carry-on, handbag or back seat and you’re always ready to look sharp. It’s a nice theory, so I had to try it out.

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Clothes irons, by design, tend to be big and heavy. Their large weight and surface area, combined with heat and sometimes steam, helps them press fabric flat and remove wrinkles.

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I’m sceptical of a pint-size product billed as doing the same thing.

All-Temp Steam Iron

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Steam On-Demand! All-Temp Steam® technology turns steam into an on-demand feature that you can use at EVERY temperature. You can fight tough wrinkles with confidence on any fabric — both for flat ironing and vertical steaming. Plus, our Smart Steam® technology generates steam automatically at high temperatures for the ultimate ironing convenience.

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This iron is easy to hold and use, and it has decent power and feature variety.

Steammaster Steam Iron

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The Sunbeam Steammaster, a product of the Sunbeam Corporation, proudly displays the ‘Made in China’ label as it blasts away wrinkles. When you purchase this iron, you are guaranteed quality, value for money and a steam iron that works!

Velocity Iron

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Reliable irons are a little different from Rowenta’s in terms of design and features. Price-wise, they are just as expensive but they have unique features that supposedly can help to ease your task.

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Whether these features can really make ironing less problematic remains debatable but the Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 boasts of a patented technology that claims to have no leaks and spits commonly found in steam irons.

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The Reliable V200 has a hard anodized aluminum soleplate which is slicker, tougher and more scratch-resistant than aluminum alone.

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The inner plate of magnesium also increases the overall strength of the soleplate. Near the tip are the steam holes, unlike most Rowenta irons (e.g. Rowenta DW4060) whereby the holes are scattered all over the soleplate.

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The far fewer number of steam holes is to ensure concentration of steam pressure so that it can better penetrate fabric to remove wrinkles.

Steam Care Steam Iron

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Ironing made simple with the new DW3180 Steamcare Steam Iron Rowenta SteamCare provides great performance and worry-free ironing on a wide variety of fabrics. This no-setting needed iron features powerful steam output for efficient results, and a Microsteam 350 soleplate with precision tip for great steam coverage and excellent detailed ironing.

Perfect Steam Station

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Very powerful and convenient, this high pressure steam generator is equipped with a high capacity removable tank for easy, fast refilling. A unique profiled Microsteam400 soleplate ensures perfect steam distribution, while the exclusive scale collector guarantees long-lasting performance over time.

Miele FashionMaster Ironing System

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The FashionMaster looks sharp, with its monochrome color scheme. Just gazing at its black ironing board made me feel more fashionable. But it would take more than good looks to fix my wrinkled clothes.

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The steam is generated by a reservoir you fill from the faucet. You power up, and wait for the heat. Then, press a button on the iron, and steam shoots out. For times when steam is enough, you can use the steamer attachment to smooth and freshen hanging clothes.

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Whereas my budget iron at home sputters and sticks, the FashionMaster has a plate with a honeycomb design that offers better steam distribution, plus a non-stick plate that lets you press synthetics, appliquéd clothing, and decorated tee shirts (on the right side!) without steam.


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We have come to the end of this review, if you read through, you must hav seen an iron that best suits you, one thing we’d assure you is that all the products listed above are reliable, you have no resone to be afraid, these items would give you value for your money. you would be happy if you purchase one of these