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Best Steam Press of 2023

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So many people out there dread ironing their clothes using the usual steam irons, but still, desire to have a crisp and wrinkle-free cloth. Fortunately, this is where the steam press comes in, you don’t need an iron, and an ironing board to have crisp and wrinkle-free cloth.

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This guide focus on x-raying the best steam presses out there. You may want to read through, to get knowledge on the best steam presses.


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Here are a few things to look for in buying your steam press for your home or business:

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Surface Area Size

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When we speak of the surface area we mean the section of the steam press that you put your clothing or material on to press it. Pay attention to the size of this area when choosing the best steam press. The bigger the area, the better it is to accommodate your garments, and the quicker you can get the job done.

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Don’t forget the overall size of the unit. This will enable you to choose the best size steam press for your location when in use and not in use. As a general guide, your best bet is to select a steam press that has an ironing area of at least 22″ long by 10″ wide.

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If you want a bigger model, consider the weight of your seam press. For most persons, a weight of 22 to 27 pounds is quite manageable.

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Temperature Controls

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Typically you will find steam presses with digital temperature controls . Check to ensure that these temperature settings are suitable for a wide range of fabrics. For example, delicate fabrics such as silk do not need as much heat as tougher fabrics such as linens.

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Digital temperature controls that carry clear settings help you to choose the best heat settings for your fabric without damaging them in the pressing process.

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Along with the temperature settings you need to also control the time taken to press your clothes. For that, you need a reliable timer. Most modern steam presses are equipped with a timer built in that will make a sound as soon as the time that you have set has elapsed.

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For other steam presses, timers are not related to the fabric itself but are designed to shut off automatically once the press remains closed for over 10 seconds.

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Other settings

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You will also notice that some steam presses are also designed with a “no-steam” setting. This is to enable work with fabrics like sheer materials that do not stand up well to steam pressing.

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This kind of material needs to be pressed without steam. To enable you a little more flexibility select a steam press that also allows dry pressing. You can tell by the “no-steam” setting included.

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It goes without saying that safety features make a difference between the best steam press and the worst equipment you could have selected. Always check to see that the steam press you are about to buy is also safe to use.

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Safety features like automatic shut-off to turn off the steam press once it has been idle for a designated period prevent overheating and fire disasters. In addition, check the handle to see whether it locks to prevent accidental access to the steam press when it’s hot.

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A handle that locks also makes moving the heat press easier. It’s never a good idea to move a hot steam press.

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Ironing Area

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Depending on what you are going to be tackling, the area could be vital. Larger areas could easily press king-sized duvets and sheets if they are folded to fit, without having to redo them. Smaller plates, however, may only manage shirts and things such as pillowcases or towels.

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Depending on how you are going to use the press, the weight of the item may be important to you.

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If you’re going to have a setup and keep it in one place, such as the utility room, then the weight is probably not really an issue. But if you will be using it on the table twice per week and popping it away in between uses, you will want something which is ideally around 12kg or less so it can be lifted.

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Do be aware that the heavier models can sometimes provide more pressing pressure for clothing, however, which could be good if it is going to be in demand.

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Steam Or Dry?

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The majority of models out there are steam-based, as it has long been known that steam helps eliminate creases.

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But some can be used dry, and will often have better non-stick plates or higher temperatures to make this possible. It is completely your choice of what you go with, but do be aware that steam models can be more difficult to care for. You will need to use filtered water, and check for limescale regularly.

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press Machines

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It is capable of making crisp creases in a matter of mere seconds. It is super easy to use and adaptable as it is specifically compliant with five different fabric types. The Steamfast-680 is fully capable of managing the temperature of the pressing plate and the amount of water vapor on its own.

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This is a steam press for people that want a high-quality finish to their laundry and want to skip the dry cleaners. For anyone swopping an iron for a steam press, the Steamfast is also going to save you time on many garments. It is capable of delivering high amounts of steam over a large area with a lot of pressure.

SINGER Magic ESP-2 Steam Press Machine

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If you are ready to press clothes at home adequately, then the Singer Magic ESP-2 needs your attention for sure. It is known to offer superb convenience to the buyers with its 100 lbs. of pressure. The larger pressing plate of this device ensures you don’t have to rearrange the clothes multiple times.

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The most exciting feature of this press is its electronic fabric temperature settings that consist of different modes. Along with that, the presence of auto shut-off feature boosts safety better than ever.

Steamfast SF 623 Steam Press Machine

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The Steamfast SF-623 is quite light at 12.83 pounds, making it a breeze to carry and a space-saver for a long-term setup. This glossy black steam press features a non-stick pressing surface that measures 8 inches by 20 inches.

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With a power cord that is 6.6-feet long, you won’t need an extension cord to reach the nearest electrical outlet.

SINGER Intelligent 260T Steam Press Machine

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The steam press machine comes with an auto shut-off feature with some audible alarms to guarantee your safety. When the machine is left for 10 seconds, the alarm produces a sound that reminds you to lift it to avoid damaging the fabric. This machine comes with a spray bottle and a measuring cup together with a pressing cushion for your convenience.

Speedy Press Ironing Steam Press

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This is not a new name in the industry. Just as the name insinuates, this machine will give you the convenience of pressing your clothes speedily. When it comes to safety, you never have to worry about this machine. This is because it is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature.

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If you will be removing wrinkles from the delicate fabric, this will be the machine to go for. The manufacturer offers a collapsible press stand which gives you the convenience you deserve. Its large digital display with its multiple temperature settings makes it easy to use.

RiCOMA Family Press Steam

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These smaller steam presses are being replaced with the larger 25×10″ and 32×10″ boards from Steam Fast, Reliable, and Family Press by Ricoma

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Save time from ironing. This Steam Press works on all types of clothing (pleated skirts, pants, blouses, etc.). It has an Auto shut-Off if down 10 seconds or if left up for over 15 minutes. It’s portable and very easy to store.

Elna EP850 Heat Press Machine

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The Elna Press EP850 Ironing Press is the top-of-the-line Elna Press on the market. From ironing delicates to operating your own heat transfer vinyl business, the Elna Press EP850 Ironing Press provides all the controls you need. The Elna Press EP850 Ironing Press features full electronic temperature control, fold-out armrest, and more.

Janome Artistic Heat Press Machine Model EP100

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Would you like to decrease the time you spend ironing by at least 50%? Or increase the quality and lifetime of a finished press? The Janome Artistic Heat Press is exactly the tool you need for all your sewing and crafts. Whether you’re making a cherished family quilt, sewing a christening gown, or adhering to rhinestones, you’ll get superior results in a fraction of the time. This is an investment you’ll be glad you made.

Speedy Press Oversized Iron Press

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The Ultra XL is the largest size available for the Speedy Press line (they also come in compact, medium, and large sizes). The Speedy Press offers 100-pounds of pressure when pressing garments, which can help to remove even the toughest of wrinkles.

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The controls offer the ability to choose automatic or manual bursts, which can give you more control over each press. There are settings for both dry and steam, giving this press more versatility.

Sienna Turbo SSP-4015

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The Sienna Turbo SSP-5015 is equipped with state-of-the-art fabric cleaning technology and has an elegant design. It not only provides quality but also promises to provide a balance of elegance and efficiency that is unique only to the Sienna Turbo SSP-5015.

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The company values your time and thus makes the claim the SSP-5015 can reduce your time spent on the steam press by 70% as the SSP-5015 has a larger surface area for pressing (35×11 inches) than most steam presses.


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A steam press is a worthy investment. The ones reviewed above promise to deliver, you should get any of the steam presses reviewed above, using our buyer’s guide to select the one that best suits you.