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2y3k » Best Subwoofers For Cars of 2023

Best Subwoofers For Cars of 2023

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As a lover of music, and great sound, you would want to make good music, and sound everywhere you go, your car is not an exception. A sub-woofer can create the kind of sound you want in your car. Read through to discover the best sub-woofers for your cars.

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Sub-woofers play a very important part when it comes to listening to music. These are used to give your system depth and deliver complete sound. The music can be played from either a mobile phone or an MP3 player. While some cars come with a remote , for easy controlling of the music, some don’t, which makes it a bit difficult to have control of music, while driving.


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Choosing a car sub-woofer is different from choosing a home sub-woofer. Choosing a subwoofer for your car can be quite demanding, but with this guide, you have no cause to worry about, as we have simplified the things you need to look out for.

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What type of bass are you looking for?’ Indeed, the most excellent sub-woofer isn’t the biggest of all time. There are various types of subwoofers on the market.

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And different sub-woofers produce various sounds for different music. Your mission is to choose the best subwoofer for your car.

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There are also some other things to consider before getting a subwoofer for your car:

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Check the RMS power. When checking the sub-woofer power, make sure the amplifier can handle this amount of power. All sub-woofers require vehicle amplifiers.

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Sub-woofers have a higher sensitivity rating. It requires less power to produce the same amount of sound unlike the model with the lower sensitivity rating.

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The type of sound the sub-woofer will produce depends on the type of enclosure that it is mounted in.

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Number of Voice Coils

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There are single and dual voice coils. Dual voice coils provide more flexibility when wiring sound systems .

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Size of the Woofer

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Do not only consider the size of the sub-woofer. You should consider the power, sensitivity rating, and enclosure type. If you would like the system to play loud, low music, and you also have enough space, then choose the biggest sub-woofer possible.

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Do not underestimate the small sub-woofer. If the subwoofer is installed correctly and with the correct enclosure type, then the sub-woofer can perform just the same or better than the big ones.

Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz

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Alpine’s Patented Radial Vented VC Heatsink and Airflow Management System (US Patent #7,634,101) helps to minimize power compression and ensures reliable long playing time by actively eliminating output-robbing heat away from the Voice Coil.

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The new one-piece cast aluminum frame with integrated shorting sleeve uses the entire frame as a heatsink, to allow for sustained power output and handling, even in the most extreme of applications.


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MTX’s TNE212D enclosed subwoofer will add intense bass to your ride thanks to its dual 12″ Terminator subwoofers — just add an amp and wiring and you’re good to go.

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These subs sound tight and punchy in the rugged, sealed enclosure that’s built from medium-density fiberboard and covered with carpet — it’ll be right at home in your trunk. The enclosure’s 2-ohm impedance will draw out maximum power from your mono amp.

MTX Audio 5512-44 5500

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MTX’s 55 Series subs give you a huge boom for the buck, and the 5512-44 12″ subwoofer epitomizes that mindset. MTX worked hard to build a high-performance sub that adds tons of bass to your system without emptying your bank account. And MTX protects this sub with a 2-year warranty.

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MTX squeezes an oversized cone into the standard 12″ frame, so the sub moves more air and gives you more bass. The woofer’s movement cools the sub as it plays, so it doesn’t overheat when you’re rocking out. The special suspension exerts extra control when you’re pushing the sub hard, so it’ll handle up to 400 watts RMS. Its dual 4-ohm voice coils make it easy to connect to a mono amplifier.

Kicker 12-Inch 300W

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Kicker Comp™ Subwoofer Series delivers the best bass for the buck! Legendary Kicker bass. The Comp Series is the best balance between high value and high performance in Kicker’s lineup. All Comp Series subwoofers are versatile, performing in vented or sealed enclosures, and free-air applications as well.

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Easy-to-use nickel-plated push terminals, a resilient steel basket, and a white double-stitched surround make Kicker’s C12 subwoofer look as good as it sounds. If all of this isn’t enough… the C12 leaves enough cash left over to throw down on a powerful Kicker amplifier to unlock optimum subwoofer performance

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2

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Pioneer’s TS Series shallow-mount subs bring great bass to vehicles where conventional subs won’t fit. Their low profile allows the use of slender enclosures that’ll fit behind a truck seat or any tight space while delivering the bass performance you need. The TS-SW2002D2 8″ shallow-mount sub handles up to 150 watts RMS with a mounting depth of just 2-5/8″.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact

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The Kenwood KSC-SW11 features an 8.25 x 5.15-inch woofer. The rectangular shape is unique among under-seat car subwoofers, but it allows the subwoofer to fit in a much smaller enclosure. While the performance was above average, the size of the bass isn’t great, even for an under-seat subwoofer.

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The Kenwood KSC-SW11 is not only one of the most affordable powered subwoofers, but it’s also the smallest. This doesn’t come without its drawbacks, however.

Pioneer TS-W254R

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Pioneer’s Champion Series subs give you impressive performance without breaking your bank account. The TS-W254R 10″ subwoofer sports a rugged cone made from injection-molded polypropylene for rigidity without added heft.

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The sub’s seamless cone design increases efficiency and reduces distortion, while its treated foam surround helps keep the cone under control so this sub sounds great in either sealed or ported enclosures.

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A tough 6-layer voice coil allows the TS-W254R to handle up to 250 watts RMS. The stamped basket features a magnet cover for added protection, while extra venting helps to cool the sub’s interior to protect against thermal breakdown. This sub’s classic look will fit right in with any vehicle.

BassPro SL — JBL 8″

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The smaller the subwoofer enclosure, the more places it can go. And with cars getting smaller every year, the need for compact powered subs is greater than ever. Now JBL introduces their Bass Pro SL-powered sub, and it’s ready to go where no sub has gone before.

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JBL’s Bass Pro SL-powered sub delivers impressive bass from a stealthy low-profile enclosure that’ll fit under the seat in many vehicles. Its 8″ shallow-profile woofer was designed especially for this compact enclosure, so you know you’ll be hearing some strong bass.


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We have come to the end of this review, if you read through, then you must have picked interest in one of these sub-woofers. They do not only hit low and slow but also rocks and roll! their death metal double bass drum kicks so fast that as soon as you get it to the sub, it dishes it out all day. You will never experience any problem at all, be it slacking or popping, even when used at high power.