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2y3k » Weight loss and hypnosis for children

Weight loss and hypnosis for children

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Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Whenever we look at ourselves in the mirror, how we wish we could lose some weight. The same is true for our children. One of the methods used nowadays is to help them lose weight.

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The complications and diseases associated with obesity and overweight are some of the common problems that are faced not only by adults. Statistics show that about 22 million children worldwide, aged 5 and under, are considered obese.

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Adults are not immune from the statistics either. Fifty-eight million people are considered overweight, 40 million are obese, and 3 million are very obese. Based on this disheartening data, we are suffering from our disregard for health. There has been a relative increase of 76% in the number of people with Type II diabetes.

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The fact is that most people are gaining weight simply because they are not paying attention to what their bodies are taking in. In reality, weight loss is not a miracle. It must be worked on and the regimen should be strictly followed.

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In fact, experts disagree on what is the best and fastest way to lose weight. This is why it is important to consult a doctor before trying any weight loss program.

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With the use of hypnosis in weight loss, you do focus only on losing the symptoms of obesity, but the focus is on the goal. Hypnotherapy completely changes the way you think about weight gain and weight loss. It doesn’t simply command you to lose weight, but changes your perception and thoughts about gaining weight.

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How have you used hypnosis to help children and parents lose weight?

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– To lose weight, you should address the cause of being overweight. And you shouldn’t think that weight loss can be done repeatedly. Because in hypnosis, it is said that the mind or subconscious mind responds to what we are offered. Therefore, if we think that we will never lose weight again, this means that we will not gain weight again. We are getting rid of the extra weight permanently.

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– By approaching your relationship with food with a different perspective, you are completely removing your old habits and shifting to a new “relationship”.

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– Patience is important. Imagine that it takes time for you to be able to accumulate all the fat in your body. It will also take a while before you can get rid of the extra fat.

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– Don’t deprive yourself. A sinful diet once or twice a month will not make you fat.

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The discipline you need to follow to make this weight loss program successful is to rely on self-hypnosis. If you do hypnotherapy with a hypnotherapist, make sure you are open to suggestions. Most suggestions will be about previous experiences, how your camp changed perceptions and feelings. It can even have an effect on emotions, thoughts and behavior.

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Using hypnosis for weight loss, you can also learn how good it feels to regain control of your diet and yourself, and enjoy eating foods that are good for you and help your body perform at its best every day. The beauty of hypnosis for weight loss is that it can be used by people of all ages. Hypnosis can be used for children and adults. When you try this method, you have nothing to lose anyway but pounds.