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2y3k » Positive parenting and the use of hypnosis with children

Positive parenting and the use of hypnosis with children

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The use of hypnosis with children is beginning to become a common method of dealing with children who are having difficulty entering adulthood. In addition to the use of hypnosis to deal with different behavioral and health issues, hypnotic parenting or the use of hypnosis with children at home is also becoming known.

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Experts claim that hypnotic parenting is a positive approach to parenting. What is the philosophy behind this type of parenting and how do they work?

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Hypnosis is not about ordering or being an authority over other people. It is something we should understand and be clear about. Hypnosis, unlike what we usually know, is not about getting people to do something they won’t remember or stop doing. Hypnosis is about suggestion.

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Experts say that our children already have suggestibility from their parents. Almost all parents are familiar with their baby’s emotions and facial expressions. In fact, if we smile at an infant and make eye contact, it is highly likely that he will smile back. Children learn from their parents through their behavior and expressions. If parents want to teach something to their children, it is important to set an example and show that we are following these rules that are set for them as well.

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Hypnotic parenting is not only for when you want your children to do their homework or chores. You can only use hypnosis to help them with sleep difficulties or with stress and anxiety before a test, school presentation or competition.

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How do you do this?

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You can start talking to them before they go to sleep. Make sure they are comfortable and have them close their eyes. You can start telling a story that will show the main character succeeding in the challenges they face. Use positive images when telling the story. This will help ease your child’s tension. In addition to helping your child relieve tension, parents and children have the opportunity to spend some bonding moments together.

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What parents say can affect how children feel about themselves. One example is their behavior. If a child refuses to follow certain rules in the house and you have a heated discussion about it, the child is likely to remain the same.

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You can replace the heated discussion with a random positive statement, such as saying that the child is making great progress in their behavior and acknowledging that they are making an effort in their behavior. The child will feel better and will eventually believe that he is indeed behaving well. Soon, the child will change his or her behavior for the better.

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These simple suggestions help the child’s mind or its subconscious mind to accept and believe them. Thus, if the statements made or the child can hear are negative, the subconscious mind will believe it and the child will follow it in real life.

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But if the child hears a positive statement, even if it is a randomly dropped statement, the subconscious mind will believe it to be true and eventually translate it into their actions.

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Hypnosis with children can even be used to encourage them to do their chores. All you have to do is look them straight in the eye and ask them to do their chores. A slight shake of the head will encourage your child to agree to do the work entrusted to them.