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2y3k » The other side of the coin: The downside of hypnosis for children

The other side of the coin: The downside of hypnosis for children

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to address or deal with some issue or problem related to behavior or health is called hypnotherapy. In hypnotherapy, children use their daydreams to change their behaviors, feelings and other symptoms. Not everyone can be a hypnotherapist. It takes a trained health and psychiatric professional to incorporate children, and also adults, into a hypnotic state.

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Hypnotherapy or the use of hypnosis for therapy was unthinkable in the past. Most people and patients tended to think that a hypnotherapist would ask the patient to walk and cluck like a chicken while under hypnosis. One of the major drawbacks of this method of therapy is the lack of support it endures as an alternative treatment method.

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Currently, however, hypnotherapy is beginning to see a gradual improvement. There are medical groups that are beginning to recognize the potential of hypnotherapy in the treatment of illness and the management of disorders.

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In 1958, the American Medical Association, has recognized hypnosis as a form of therapy. The American Psychological Association recognized hypnosis as a therapeutic modality many years ago. In 1995, the National Institutes of Health expressed support for hypnotherapy as a method of pain relief for cancer patients.

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But regardless of medical recognition, there is still a widespread belief that hypnosis as a therapeutic method is negative, and images of interesting people in a hypnotic state come to our minds.

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Another disadvantage of hypnotherapy is that some children or people cannot be hypnotized at all. Children who exhibit psychotic symptoms are not suitable for hypnotherapy. And children or adolescents who use drugs or alcohol have also proven to be poor hypnosis patients.

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Hypnotherapy is best recommended for children 5 years and older. Children, unlike adults, are more in touch with the rich side of their imagination. This can be advantageous or disadvantageous in the hypnosis process. This is why different methods should be used depending on the age and characteristics.

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Hypnotherapy can also be performed by parents on their children. Experts say that children aged 7-8 years are in a hypnotic state most of the time, even if there is no hypnotist around. At these ages, children pay close attention to suggestion. Parents who are less sensitive to what their children say may say things that are both hurtful and impactful to their children’s self-esteem.

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This is why children undergoing hypnotherapy tend to be sensitive to what is going on around them. Remember, hypnotherapy and its positive effects are in ruins when there is negative energy around the child. Parents should be sensitive to what they say and suggest to their children.

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Sometimes hypnotherapists may forget to remove hypnotherapy suggestions. This can cause problems if the child is being treated for pain management. While undergoing this type of treatment, the child may experience accidents or serious problems that may cause serious injuries without any proper treatment. It is important for parents to be aware of these issues when administering hypnotherapy to children.

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It is important to remember that these disadvantages of using hypnosis on children are more of a social bias. There are some people who believe that hypnosis is the control or manipulation of a person’s mind and body, which is completely untrue. Hypnotherapy, when done properly, can produce positive and tremendous results. Most of our fear of hypnotherapy stems from past perceptions of it, which are mostly myths.