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2y3k » Hypnosis for children: A history

Hypnosis for children: A history

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No one can say with certainty when hypnosis began. But historians seem to agree that he has been used for more than a thousand years. Remember that witch doctors or spiritual priests went into trance to talk to supernatural and divine spirits to save people from illness or misfortune.

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The ancient Egyptians had been using hypnosis to relieve pain and treat illness. They would have healing temples known as sleep temples. Those who were sick would be given advice when they were induced to sleep. This advice was to guide their minds so that they could be healed of their illnesses. In addition to healing through sleep, the ancient Egyptians used hypnosis to endure chronic physical pain. They used this method just as we use anesthetics today.

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Several hundred years later, in 1765, Franz Anton Mesmer introduced animal magnetism. He said that people could influence a magnetic fluid, which could help the healing process. His ideas became an influential school of thought. In some salons, he applied magnets to people’s tortured body parts.

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A few years later, Le Marquis de Puysegur believed that the magnetic force Mesmer was talking about actually existed in his own mind and was transferred to the patient through his fingers. He found that you could induce a very deep sleep in which the person would obey commands. This is known as a perfect crisis or profound sleep.

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During this period, hypnosis was known as psychedelics. In 1837, Dr. John Elliotson cited that hypnosis could be associated with voluntary and involuntary movement, which he claimed was related to the psychedelic theory. Dr. Elliotson claimed that there was a doctor in India who performed amputations with the help of hypnosis. The doctor who saved lives in India was named Dr. James Esdaile. And by the time he left India, he was said to be able to perform 300 operations, 19 of which were amputations.

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Dr. James Baird saw a Frenchman named La Fontaine during his mesmerism demonstration. After experiencing this, he put it into practice and was able to put his patients into a deep sleep, causing them to accept any medical advice from their doctors.

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In fact during World War I, the Germans used hypnosis to ensure that their soldiers were able to recover from shell shock. This would allow them to return to their trenches immediately.

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Hypnosis began to gain attention among practitioners in the medical field. Sigmund Freud is said to have been the earliest advocate of hypnotherapy. Initially, Freud began studying hypnotherapy in the late 1890s until he turned to a new practice or method in 1905. Freud said that the therapy could be made to proceed quickly by suggestion.

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Milton Erickson, Ph.D., was one of the few people who had a huge impact on hypnotherapists. He completed many books and studies on hypnotherapy. Dr. Erickson’s research became the basis for NLP or neurolinguistic programming and is widely used in trade and marketing.

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Currently, hypnotherapy is used only for adults and also for children. Hypnosis with children has proven to solve a number of problems regarding behavioral and health disorders. in 1955, hypnotherapy was officially recognized by the British Medical Association. Three years later, the American Medical Association did the same thing. They endorsed hypnotherapy as a form of treatment.