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2y3k » Hypnosis training can be used to help patients with post-traumatic stress reactions

Hypnosis training can be used to help patients with post-traumatic stress reactions

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PSTD or post-hypnotic stress or PTSD can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be in the military to know what’s going on because you may have witnessed a murder, been involved in an accident, been raped, abused or survived a natural disaster. Naturally, you need counseling to get over what happened, and someone trained in hypnosis can help you.

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Research has shown that hypnosis can help patients deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Unlike other anxiety disorders, this will be a more challenging issue given what has happened. In order to help a patient deal with it, the specialist first has to develop a strategy.

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The best way to do this is to be straightforward so that you know what they are going through. Every case is different, so a veteran is treated differently than someone who has been abused or raped.

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The only constant, though, is what happens during hypnosis. Once the patient is relaxed, the specialist uses the power of hypnotic suggestion to make the patient let go of what happened.

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When the session is almost over, the patient is brought back to reality by counting backwards, snapping fingers, clapping hands or simply instructing the patient to open his or her eyes.

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Was the treatment successful? You will only know when the patient stops having nightmares about what happened or claims they feel better now.

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If you want to do more than find an expert to help someone who needs their expertise, you can sign up for a course that teaches you how to self-hypnosis. Some schools offer courses, and there are also online courses. In addition to listening to or watching lectures, you can also do exercises and worksheets that will prepare you for the real thing.

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For those who want to pursue a career in hypnosis, make sure that you get accreditation from a reputable institution so that people do not question your competence as an expert. See if it is recognized by the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards and the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists or some other organization.

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Hypnosis has been used for many years and it is now used for other problems besides PTSD. It can be used to help people suffering from other anxiety disorders, addictions, low self-esteem and goal setting.

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In fact, many doctors are now asking for expert help when they are unable to help their patients. This shows that doctors are now open to the idea that they can treat patients without the use of drugs and other techniques.

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You or anyone who needs help also needs to be open-minded, otherwise no amount of hypnosis sessions will work or help you forget the traumatic event.

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PTSD is a problem and this will continue to affect people regardless of age or gender because no one can prepare you for what is about to happen. When the situation happens, the only thing you can do is deal with the event later. Fortunately, we have the means to deal with it now, and if the treatment is successful, we should be grateful to those who have been trained in hypnosis.