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2y3k » Physical therapy helps with postural problems

Physical therapy helps with postural problems

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Posture problems have always been a problem; in the modern workplace, these problems are even worse. Many times people have to reach for their computer mouse, putting them in an unnatural position. can be helpful for both types of posture problems.

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Posture is the way a person stands, sits, or walks. It can refer to any normal position that the body normally holds. When the shoulders are bent forward or the arms are extended in an awkward position, these are posture problems. They can cause muscle and joint pain, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.

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Some posture problems are caused by pain in one part of a person’s body. She may be counting on other muscles to do the work of those aching muscles. This can lead to unbalanced or awkward posture. In the long run, this can lead to more pain.

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Posture problems can be treated with physical therapy, such as heat therapy, massage, exercises and chiropractic manipulation. The primary task is to reduce pain. Patients with postural problems usually go to the doctor with symptoms of pain. Heat can be used to relieve sore muscles that hold the body in unfamiliar positions.

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Next, postural problems can be treated by trying to reverse the effects of the awkward posture on the muscles. This can be done through massage. Muscles that have tightened due to poor body posture can be massaged until they are no longer as tender.

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Some muscles may have contracted, or shortened, due to postural problems. Other muscles that are opposed to them may have lengthened and become weaker. It is necessary to stretch the shortened muscles before attempting to strengthen or tighten the longer ones. Physical therapy exercises were invented for this very purpose.

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Anyone who works with a mouse that is not close enough to the keyboard is prone to postural problems. The first step is to make a better arrangement of the working space. Then, exercises can correct neck, shoulder and wrist problems caused by posture problems.

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Surgery, such as carpal tunnel surgery, is a last resort, as physical therapy can take care of most of these postural problems before such drastic measures are needed. If a person wants to avoid surgery, getting physical therapy early is a key. Then, with adequate rearrangement of the workplace, surgery should not be necessary at all.

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Chiropractors practice physical therapy techniques to realign the body after postural problems have occurred. They can do manipulation to help the patient regain full range of motion. They can also work on the muscles to relieve tension there.

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Postural problems are common for people of all ages. They can all find help for these aches and pains. A rigorous physical therapy program, along with work and other environmental modifications, can have a positive impact on posture problems. With the help of the right physical therapist, these patients will be able to sit and stand comfortably again. They will not be defined by their postural problems.