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Physical Therapy Statistics

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is a powerful force in modern medicine. Many new programs have been started to study its practice. Physical therapy statistics provide information about those who practice physical therapy and those who benefit from physical therapy.

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Physical therapy statistics show that there were 155,000 people working as physical therapists in 2004. This number is increasing every year. However, the number of physical therapists available is not expected to keep up with the demand. Employment in the field is reported to be growing much faster than the average occupation and will remain so until at least 2014.

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According to Physical Therapist statistics, as of 2004, there were 205 accredited physical therapist degree programs. To be accredited, a program must offer a master’s or doctoral degree. One hundred and eleven programs offer a doctorate in physical therapy, and the remaining programs offer a master’s degree.

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There are also physical therapy statistics on where these professionals work. In 2004, 60 percent of them worked in hospitals or physical therapy offices. The other 40% of jobs were distributed among those who worked in nursing homes, physicians’ offices, home health conditions and outpatient centers.

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According to physical therapy statistics, a significant number of physical therapists are in a self-employed status. They contract their services to a variety of clients. Some of these are at home, but others are in adult day care programs, schools, and whatever else falls within the forty percent of physical therapist jobs.

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In 2004, physical therapy statistics showed that the average annual salary for these professionals was about $60,000. Some earned as little as $42,000 per year, while others earned as much as $88,000 per year. The highest average salary is in the field of home health care services, about $64,000.

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In the same year, in physical therapy statistics, there is evidence that most physical therapists, although working 40 hours a week, work sporadic hours to accommodate patient schedules. One quarter of physical therapists worked only part-time.

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Physical therapy statistics show that people with lower back pain make heavy use of the services of such professionals. Eighty percent of working people live with back pain to the point that it hinders their lifestyle. Of all the different causes of disability in people under the age of 45, back pain is the most common.

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It’s no wonder that physical therapy statistics show that these professionals will be needed years from now. It is said that the number of people with developmental disabilities reaching the age of 60 will double in the next decade or so. These individuals will need physical therapy to have a good quality of life.

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Physical therapy statistics show that today’s older American population is on the rise. If you double all the people who are now over the age of 65, you will arrive at the number of all people who have reached 65 in history.

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These physical therapy statistics point to a population that will continue to increase in need of age-related physical therapy. If there is ever a time to need a physical therapist, it is now and in the next few years.

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