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Wine Tasting for Beginners

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Attending a tasting event can be a great experience and a lot of fun, although many people choose not to attend out of fear – or because they don’t know what to do or what to expect. While there is no mystery to wine tasting, there are a few things you should always remember.

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Women are always entertained before men at wine tasting events. Some tastings offer you bottled water between tastings so you can clear your mouth and be ready to taste the next wine being offered. When you take a wine, you should always handle it by the stem of the glass to avoid heating it with your hands. Have crackers and other goodies on hand, too, to help clean your mouth between tastings.

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As you probably already know, you can tell quite a bit about a wine by its color. When you first attend a wine tasting, you’ll notice that the glass is clear. This helps you examine the wine better. There should also be white tablecloths on the tables to help you see the color of the wine more clearly. You shouldn’t just look at the name of the wine because it can easily deceive you.

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You will also notice that more experienced wine tasters swirl their wine in the glass before tasting. While this may seem odd, swirling the wine slightly actually helps bring out the flavors. Most wines have been aging in the bottle for a long time, sometimes even years. As the wine is swirled in the glass, the swirling releases the flavors in the wine and brings them out as you taste the wine.

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At a wine tasting, you need to see the wine, smell it, and then after swirling it in the glass – taste it. The sense of smell plays an integral role in this process because by smelling the wine first, you will get more out of it. Wines have quite intriguing aromas, which help bring out the wine’s well-known flavors. Once you have smelled the wine, you should set aside some time to take in the smell and think about what you are smelling in the wine.

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Last but not least, you need to know how to taste the wine properly. Your tongue has taste buds in the front and back, which help detect flavors. Wine is full of flavors, and how you taste it will have the greatest impact. When you put a wine in your mouth, you should always swish it around for a few seconds to give the flavors enough time to dance on your palate. Once your taste buds begin to discover the wine, you can then think about what you are tasting. The aftertaste that remains in your mouth after you swallow the wine should give you more insight into the type and flavor of the wine.

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Before you attend a wine tasting, you should learn as much as you can about many different flavors and varieties of wine. This way, you will have a better idea of what you should be looking for in terms of flavors and tastes. Even though you may be new to wine tasting, you should not pass up the opportunity to go for a tasting. You will have a great experience in the world of wine tasting and get to experience wines that you may have never heard of before.