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2y3k » Is the future of hybrid cars unpredictable?

Is the future of hybrid cars unpredictable?

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Yes, that would be the answer to that question, but why? It seems strange that the future of hybrids is unpredictable because everyone is talking about the pain at the gas station. So how can a solution to all our gasoline problems have an unpredictable future?

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Well, it has a lot to do with price. But no one can predict how big a spike in sales will be in the current and past years. Hybrid cars came on the scene in 2000. Since then, they’ve been selling like hotcakes. But will the spike in sales continue? That’s a question that has many people squinting and sighing. People just don’t know. They’re not sure how hybrids will fare in the upcoming market.

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Right now, auto industry bosses believe that hybrids will outsell other cars that are great at fuel efficiency. They believe that sales of hybrids will leap right over those of pickup trucks, luxury models and sports cars.

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Others, however, argue that automakers are doing a lot of claptrap because car bosses think hybrids will do all of the above in five years. But opponents say it’s impossible to make such predictions for five years from now because there are just too many variables. For example, gas prices are about $3 now, but who knows what they will be in five years.

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Without stable numbers to go by, it’s hard to come up with numbers and try to successfully predict how many people will buy hybrids in the future. And, who’s to say that people will give up their luxury cars and SUVs so easily?Hybrids are nice, but some people are quite attached to their Mercedes. Maybe those who can afford a Mercedes aren’t even worried about paying $3 for gas.

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So naysayers may have some good reason to believe that car bosses are exaggerating when it comes to the future of hybrids. They may be clamoring for the biggest reason that they can’t predict what the economy will be like in the next five years. Hybrid cars are very expensive, and if the economy slumps, people may not be able to afford the good jobs needed to buy them.

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So, yes, if the economy slumps, car bosses will certainly put their foot in their mouths when it comes to hybrids.

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But the question is, what are you going to do to influence the future of hybrids? Are you going to buy or keep driving your conventional car? The future of cars will be better if more people are willing to consider buying hybrids. You can do that today. All it takes is good credit and a penchant for embracing better car technology. So a hybrid car is waiting for you, and it comes in exactly the color you want.