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2y3k » Are there cars that are more fuel-efficient than hybrids?

Are there cars that are more fuel-efficient than hybrids?

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With all the cars on the market, you may be thinking that there must be a car you haven’t discovered yet. You’ve heard about convertibles, Mazdas, Fords and Buicks. And, you, as an educated car buyer, know all about hybrid cars. But, you must have said to yourself, there must be a more fuel-efficient car than a hybrid. If only you could find it.

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This car that you think is more fuel efficient than a hybrid must be hiding behind the dealership, behind the red, green and yellow cars. It must be sandwiched somewhere between a big SUV and a van.

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So, what kind of fuel does this kind of car need? You don’t know the answer to that question. You hardly know if this type of car exists. But something better than a hybrid must exist. You insist that this is true.

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Well, you have a few options. You may be thinking that a very small conventional car is more fuel efficient than a hybrid. You may be thinking that an electric car is better than a hybrid. You may also be thinking that the employees at the dealership must have some car they built on the spot in the back that runs on everything but gasoline and batteries. You say to yourself that these cars would be a better value than hybrids.

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Well, electric cars don’t get better fuel efficiency than hybrids, mainly because many times electric cars don’t even need gasoline to power them, so you can’t even compare electric cars to hybrids.

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Small conventional cars are definitely not more fuel efficient than hybrids, because no conventional car is fuel efficient.

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And there aren’t any cars that have just been built to sit in the back somewhere. Car dealers don’t build cars. They sell them.

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But the ultimate answer to that question is the new fuel economy numbers released by the EPA. Those numbers conclude that the most fuel-efficient cars available to the public are hybrids, as seen in the 2008 model year. The Toyota Prius alone, for example, gets 46 combined highway or city miles. this car and other hybrids have broken the 40 miles per gallon mark.

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So it looks like there’s nothing new to be found at car dealerships. And that’s a good thing. You don’t want to be passed by the Jones’s because you think you bought a good car, but then you see they have a better, more fuel-efficient car. No, that’s not going to be you. Now that you have the knowledge that hybrids are the most fuel-efficient cars around, they are a must for you until automakers start coming up with more ideas.

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However, advances in fuel-efficient cars are just around the corner. Automakers are working on plug-in hybrids, battery electric cars, and more efficient gasoline engine systems. So watch out, the car of your dreams will be here soon. But if right now, you just buy a , you won’t regret it.