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2y3k » Why is there no hybrid pickup truck?

Why is there no hybrid pickup truck?

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One of the things that stops Americans from buying hybrids is the lack of choices they have. For example, some people just like to ride in certain models of cars and when those models are not on the market, people start to get upset. What the auto industry needs to do is make sure that it meets the needs of every consumer when it comes to hybrid vehicles. What should it do to meet the needs of each potential customer? Just look at what people are buying. Also, why aren’t there hybrid pickups?

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Half of the entire U.S. auto market is based on sales of SUVs and pickups. The entire market is made up of 16 million vehicles. Since pickup vehicles use tons of gasoline each year, it would be a good idea to flood the market with pickup hybrids. These types of hybrids will save pickup truck drivers a lot of money on gasoline. These savings would make a great case for the industry. These savings alone will make people curious about hybrid vehicles. If people see how much money hybrid pickup drivers are saving on gasoline, they may be eager to buy a hybrid for themselves. The dollars saved would provide the perfect visual for potential hybrid buyers.

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But the question remains as to why there are no hybrid pickup trucks. Hybrid drivers everywhere are waiting to hear the answer to that question.

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Well, for a very short period of time, hybrid pickup trucks actually did exist. In late 2004, a hybrid system was available on the Silverado and Sierra models. This system was introduced by General Motors. However, this truck didn’t really make it to the market. It was developed, but no one really knew where to buy it. Then around 2006, GM dropped the hybrid pickup truck known as the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra. That was the last time the market heard of hybrid pickups. But there were many good reasons why these hybrid cars or hybrid pickups were dropped, one of which was the improved fuel economy that hybrid pickups created.

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But in the near future, more hybrid pickups will be introduced to the market. And that will be about a year from now. So people who like hybrids can get ready for these great utility vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are already selling fast. So with new hybrid vehicles like the hybrid pickup, hybrid sales will take off even more. Then, automakers will need to produce more hybrids. The end result will be an exponential increase in hybrid vehicles on the road because everyone will be driving a hybrid. And that will do wonders for the environment and the overall economy.

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So if you want a hybrid pickup truck, you may just have to wait until 2008 or so. And that should be fine. While you’re waiting, just buy a different kind of hybrid car. There are plenty of other hybrid vehicles to choose from.