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2y3k » Affordable Gas: Buying a Hybrid and Other Options

Affordable Gas: Buying a Hybrid and Other Options

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When you pull up to the gas station and fill your car with $10-$50 worth of gas, you may find yourself letting out a long sigh of relief. How did gasoline become so expensive? Shouldn’t you look at all those hybrid cars you see on the news? Everyone is talking about hybrid cars anyway. Hybrids and other types of cars may seem like a good idea, but before you go out and do something frivolous, maybe you should ask yourself some questions about how you can start saving on gas.

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There are many options, from staying at home to buying a , but you have to find out what is best for you. You can only do this by asking yourself the following questions.

Should you drive less?

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Sure, you can spend the rest of your life at home on the couch, but how will you eat then? I know, you’re thinking you’ll walk more and exercise more. That may be true, but what happens when you get bored with walking and biking? How are you going to get to the gym? And, did you forget about work? You know how you like to sit in traffic at the end of the workday listening to books on tape.

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Should you drive less? Probably not. What should you do? Well, have you ever considered buying a hybrid car?

Should I buy a car that gets more miles on less gas?

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You can do that, but what about when the vehicle starts to depreciate and it’s not as fuel efficient as you thought it would be? Subconsciously, because you know you have a car that gets more mileage, you will start to drive more miles than you used to.

Should I get up every morning and look for cheaper gas prices in the area?

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Who has time for that? If you think about it, you might be better off spending your time looking for the right answer to this question. Do you really want to spend extra time looking for a cheap gas station? What would your boss think if you were late for work and told him you were doing it to be cheap? And seriously, how long do you think you’ll last doing this?

Should I find a way to run my car on batteries?

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You certainly don’t want to have to charge your car every morning before you get to work, because that might make you late. With a hybrid car, you don’t have to worry about that. So, the next question should be obvious.

Should I buy a hybrid car?

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Maybe you should. Buying a hybrid car could potentially be a smart way to avoid high gas prices. Will your car depreciate in value when you drive it off the lot? A hybrid car won’t do that. It saves gasoline while giving buyers more and more money. Hybrids may be a good choice here. However, it is still a good idea to do further research on hybrids.