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2y3k » Celebrities who drive hybrid cars

Celebrities who drive hybrid cars

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Yes, it’s true. If you can get up and go buy a , you can be famous and famous. Hybrid cars are cars for the rich and famous, so it just has to be for you. Many people are driving hybrids today, including some of the most enviable people on the planet, like your favorite movie star. But the big question is, do you drive a hybrid? Are you driving something close to a hybrid? Well, if you’re not, you can’t rub elbows with some of these hybrid car drivers.

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These are the early drivers of hybrids. You may not see them driving hybrids when they pull up next to you on Rodeo Drive, but trust me, they used to own hybrids. Well, believe me, just like you believe the news about other celebrities.

Alicia Silverstone.

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This girl is certainly not ignorant of environmental issues. She knows that there are many benefits to driving a hybrid car. It would be too bad if the general public didn’t have the same knowledge she does. Alicia knows that hybrid cars are good for everyone, including those who can finally smell the clean air as they pass by. So Alicia Silverstone bought herself a hybrid car. For the purposes of this article, she’s a genius in the book.

Ellen DeGeneres.

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Hey, not only does this funny lady have a cute haircut, but before you probably know it, she’s driving a cute hybrid car. She was making fun of you and your gas guzzler that time. Ellen has a knack for picking cars that fit her budget.

Robin Williams.

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Funny and cute, Robin knew when he was playing Mrs. Doubtfire that he should start thinking more like a sensible driver who you would allow to drive your kids to and from school. So, Robin bought himself a hybrid car and he hasn’t looked back since.

Ted Danson.

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Cheers! Ted knows a good car when he sees one. He hadn’t slept at the bar that morning and he decided to check out the new cars on the lot. He walked up and bought a car that made sense. And yes, it looks like he was very sober in choosing this car.

Brad Pitt.

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What’s handsome when you’re cooking? Certainly not Brad’s fuel engine. He has a hybrid car, so he knows his car doesn’t use much fuel.

Prince Charles

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Say this to yourself: “If it’s good enough for the royal family, it’s good enough for me.” That’s how you should feel when you drive a hybrid car. You should feel like royalty and respected, because believe it or not, that’s just who you are. So please enjoy it.

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So, do you feel like a million bucks yet? Well, if you’re thinking about all the different models of hybrid cars you’d like to own, you should. And don’t worry, you won’t only have 15 minutes of fame. Hybrid cars can last for many years.