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2y3k » Hybrid cars and the energy crisis

Hybrid cars and the energy crisis

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Some say that not enough people are doing all they can to fight the energy crisis. Hybrid cars can help, but maybe not enough people are driving them. Here are a few questions related to the energy crisis and how hybrid cars can help.

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The U.S. isn’t doing enough, really

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The United States is the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels. However, most people believe that all of our energy problems can be solved if we look further into the oil deposits in Alaska, or take full advantage of the oil recently discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. Hybrid cars make it possible for us to sustain our economy without having to use other sources of energy. Hybrid cars are not causing Americans to use excessive amounts of fossil fuels. On the contrary, hybrid cars are causing Americans to use fewer fossil fuels.

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Energy Consumers Just Swallow Increasing Gasoline Prices

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People used to be concerned that gas prices were much higher than they were a few years ago. Now, people are just accepting the high prices. Meanwhile, cars are getting bigger. Automakers are making trucks and SUVs. these cars require more gasoline, but you wouldn’t believe how many people just won’t give up their dear old SUVs. hybrids end up costing people less than conventional cars. So there’s no need to worry about just settling for being ripped off by the oil economy.

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Soon there will be an end to the “period of cheap oil”.

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Soon we could all be in trouble because not only will we have an energy crisis, but we will also have a peak oil crisis. During a peak oil crisis, there will be oil shortages and gas shortages. Major countries will be competing with each other for any oil that is left. As a result, everyone may have some problems and countries may fight over who gets oil and who doesn’t. The peak oil crisis could be postponed if more people just bought hybrid cars. Hybrid cars would not make people always have to go looking for oil. And, hybrid cars are making progress every day.

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Plug-in hybrids, for example, may one day not require oil at all.

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So as we have an energy crisis, Americans should really use this time to unite and build a unified fight against America’s oil conflict. Hybrid cars are the way to beat the energy crisis, and if countries still start fighting each other over oil, at least the U.S. will know that they’re trying to stop things by investing in hybrid cars.

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So, that’s decided. The heavy use of hybrids in the U.S. may reduce Americans’ need for oil. But Americans still haven’t benefited from the massive amount of money that hybrid cars have generated. Most of the popular hybrid cars come from Japan. Therefore, Americans need to bring that money back home, as well as do something about the current energy crisis.