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Interesting facts about deaf people

There are many interesting things that people should know about deaf people. In fact, some of the skills they use to communicate with each other are used by normal people as well.

First of all, about 22 million people in the United States are deaf or have deafness. It affects both men and women, and includes infants, children, adults and older adults. Some people are born with it, while others lose their hearing later in life.

In sports, the hold formation used in soccer was first invented by a liberal arts college for the deaf. This prevents other teams from eavesdropping on their plans on offense and defense.

As for those hand signals you see in baseball, yes, they were also invented by a deaf center fielder for the Cincinnati Reds, namely William Hoye.

Since some people have a hard time transcribing what is said, shorthand was invented by John Gregg, who also happens to be deaf.

Deaf people use sign language to communicate with each other. Although they cannot understand what others are saying, they have the ability to read each other’s lips and communicate by talking to each other or using sign language (if the other person can understand).

In fact, their own language has been linguistically defined as a separate language, such as English, French and German.

Because of its practicality, this technique was later adapted to scuba diving, as it was impossible to talk to people under water, and was even used by the military when they wanted to surprise their enemies.

Many celebrities have had problems with deafness. Some of them include former presidents, athletes, actors, actresses, lawyers, doctors, inventors, teachers, writers, cartoonists and many others. Just a few examples.

One of the most famous composers of all time was Beethoven, who was profoundly deaf when he wrote his Ninth Symphony.

Alexander Bell, who invented the telephone, was not deaf; he was originally an instructor for deaf children and invented the device to help his deaf wife and mother.

Musicians and rock artists such as Eric Clapton, Peter Townshend of the Who, Sir George Henry Martin of the Beatles, and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys were all deaf.

Since deaf people cannot hear, their other senses are more developed to compensate for this deficiency. This may be why their safe driving records are better than those of people who can hear. This can even be attributed to the fact that deaf people live longer than hearing people.

No one wants to be born deaf, but it’s true. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they stick to their lives and are known worldwide for their talent or ingenuity. This is why some people invented all kinds of technologies and inventions that we just take for granted today.

One thing we must remember in all of this is that they were human beings too. They went to work, went to school, voted, owned businesses, paid taxes, drove cars and did other things we usually do. The only difference is that they are deaf, and we must respect and understand that.