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2y3k » A baby bash is coming !!!!

A baby bash is coming !!!!

Birthdays are one of the most important events in our lives. It marks our arrival in the world and its celebration is a reminder of our first arrival in the world. Especially for our babies.

Here are some tips to make the bash a topic of conversation in baby land for a week or so. One, preparing for a baby shower is very important! You want to prepare a theme that you want to follow. Create a theme that you want to follow. Do you want your baby bash to be a sci-fi adventure? Or do you want your baby bash to be a costume party? Or even rent an amusement park, complete with carousel and a clown or two. Whatever you decide, a baby carnival needs to be well thought out to keep it organized as well as being safe for your guests.

Baby carnivals depend on the age of the baby. For a one-year-old, a clown will do so that he or she can promote the party since the most important guests are small children. Magic shows and puppet shows are enough to keep the children interested and satisfied. And for children over two years old, because by this time they are walking and have learned to walk, a masquerade or amusement park theme would be the solution to keep the kids entertained. Balloons to keep their full attention, marshmallows to keep them busy, and lots and lots of food for kids.

Second, send invitations. It seems that babies are conversation pieces. Therefore, your network of friends will increase as you meet other moms and dads who have babies close to your baby’s age. They can become your friends and swap baby-sitting time when you need to relax and unwind. Their children are your guests at the baby shower, not the parents. Therefore, the baby bash must be oriented towards the enjoyment of your child.

Third, prepare the food. Since this is a children’s party, finger foods should make up the bulk of your menu. Children get bored with food easily, so they must be offered small portions. If possible, separate the parents’ food from the children if they are invited.

Sometimes a baby bash turns into an adult party when no other babies can be invited.

Whatever you decide the baby shower must look like, remember that the baby’s comfort is more important. Sometimes, some babies are afraid of clowns. If this happens, you must have an alternative activity in mind.

Fourth, the baby’s post-party activities. After all the food, presents and ornaments are gone, it’s time to clean up. The most convenient way to finish all the leftovers is to ask the mothers to take home a portion of the food provided. This not only minimizes food spoilage, but also gives the children something to do on the drive home in case they start asking for food. This is because some kids play throughout the party and don’t pay attention to the food. But once they settle down, usually on the way home, they start to feel hungry. So you will help parents keep the kids behaving on the way home.

Well, a baby bash doesn’t need to be a laborious and stressful event that moms would rather not plan. It can be a treat for parents, too.